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one last thing before i go,….

one long ass traffic rant coming up, but if you’d rather read about something else just skip to the dotted lines 😛

Intlxpat posted on and article in the papers the other day, which reminded me about wanting to comment on the same topic.

in a nutshell, the government is planning on banning ten year old cars from the roads in an effort to ease traffic congestion.

basically theyre saying “its the bloody foreigners faults for clogging up our streets!”

“and the poor!”

now, hands up anyone who’s gone to either salmiya or hawally on a thursday night……

ok,… now hands up everyone who got stuck in traffic in hawally and/or salmiya on a thursday night…..

ok, so you know what its like.

now hands up anyone who went out on election night a few months ago. the streets were empty werent they?!

me and a friend actually got errands done in hawally, and then had dinner in salmiya without getting into a single traffic jam!!!

now since the only thing different about that night was the elections, and just about every kuwaiti was at home watching for the results, there is really only one conclusion to reach.

you are your own worst enemy 😛

now we can expand on this a bit more as i’m sure there will be a couple of people who will say “but we’re barely 1 million and you lot are 2 mill easy!”


but heres the thing:

your average kuwaiti household, immediate family only, consists of 2-3 kids, mum and dad. now mum’s got a car, and dad’s got a car. assume one of the kids is over 18, so thats 3 cars over 5 people.

then multiply that by the average number of uncles and aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers (adjust for 1 driver each, conservatively), cousins, nephews and neices,….. and you get,…

a holy shit load of cars, and not enough parking.

i’ll admit my math sucks, but think about any family you know that has grown up kids in their 20’s. chances are theres a car for every person in the houshold, with one car split between the driver, maids and houseboys.

thems alot of wheels !

now contrast that with the average expat family. at the most, you’ll find that an equivalent family of 5, will on average only have one or two cars at the most. and population wise, those expat families with 2 cars or more are a minority in kuwait.

the majority, on the other hand, cant afford a car and will more than likely be carpooling or riding the bus. and those that do have cars, rarely go “cruising” or “gizz-ing” on the gulf road on a thursday night. ( a traffic jam in farwaniya or jleeb is another matter altogether) .

and for those that didnt get to enjoy a stress free thursday nights drive that election night,…. i gotta tell you it was absolute bliss! like a friday morning, but darker 😛

so uh, whens youre next election ? 😛


on a more important note:


for those that dont know, older MPC’s are what alot of the classic hiphop albums were made on in the early days. this is what i hope to do with my MPC one day.

the idea is to record samples off my guitar, and off some other instruments, and then to put together a live set, similar to this or even this one day. ( the “MPC” up there and the ‘this” and “this” will take you to youtube, for some reason the font doesnt change colour like i want it to,…grrrrrr,..)

but with perhaps a more local flavour, or even a fusion of east and middle east.

if your granny or great granny play any traditional instruments, let me know. i’ll want to sample their playing one day.

oh and i’m gonna try and stay away from the PC while i’m away, lol, we’ll see how long that lasts 😛

other than that, skunk will not be available from the evening of the 6th to the 19th, but leave a message at the beep and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




  1. Safe travels, SKNK.

    There is a huge prejudice here, my Kuwaiti friends tell me, against DWI – driving while Indian. There seem to be special rules on the books as to which women get driver’s licenses. On the books, a woman needs to have a job that requires a car, or a particular level of education – I hear differing levels. I was concerned, and they laughed. “Oh it doesn’t apply to YOU,” they said. Drives me wild.

    (I love driving on Friday morning.)

  2. Your math was right on! What Kuwait needs is some sort of rail service – either an underground, tram, monorail, etc. Or it should create a “carpool only” lane on the highways. Don’t know if that would work but it’s a start. Oh well. Anyway, enjoy your vacation. Be prepared for a bit of rain over here in London. It’s starting to get quite chilly.

  3. intl, lol it is true tho, alot of stuff also “doesnt apply to ME” :P, and i gotta admit i quite enjoy that 😛

    the prejudices here do make one laugh quite a bit 😛 mostly because the way it exists between kuwaitis and other nationalities, oddly enough its even stronger within their own society/circles. its not a pure race thing, nor is it a money thing really, but a combination of the two. ever been to india with their caste systems? its pretty similar.

    hi kleio, and welcome 😀
    a carpool lane would be a step in the right direction, but KD100,000,000,000 says that everyone will be driving on that lane 😛

    alot like how a traffic jam is considered to be an “emergency” and therefore justifies the use of the emergency lanes 😛

    cheers for the weather update 😀 and drop me a line if you fancy grabbing a coffee one day. most of my friends there are working stiffs so i’ll have fuck all to do in the mornings .

  4. *Beeeeeeeep*

    heya Skunks!!! Lol you got em good with your wonky math!!!!! I liked that philosophy, gotta apply it to the traffic during ifthar hour too and its like Friday mornin baby!!!!

    Hope you be having a blast!!! 🙂

  5. I didn’t get to see you before I left… snif snif…

    • The Krispy Dixie
    • Posted October 12, 2006 at 10:06 pm
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    itroo7 witrid ib salaamaaaaaaa!!

    hehehehe i’ll tell ya what it means when u get back 😛

    and yeah, traffic is a bitch but c’est la vie… 😛

    have fun 😉

  6. well i did have a blast 😛 definately something i’ve been needing alot 😛

    it is good to be home tho cos now i got some new toys to play with and a nice loooong ass vacation too 😀

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