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i forgot to pack my camera,…..

so saddly i didnt take any pics of my trip to london.

i did have a pretty good time there tho. caught up with some old friends and made some new ones.

one thing that i found amusing was realising how much things change over the years.

and how some things simply dont.

things that didnt change:

– neighbours at around 1pm πŸ˜› 1pm used to be my breakfast time in university, so neighbours was my breakfast show and it was just too easy slipping back into that old habit, especially this time around since everyone i knew had work during the day.
(neighbours is an aussie soap for those that dont know,… its sooo crap that aussies themselves dont watch it, and the british viewership seems to be the only reason that damn soap is still going on).

– the newspapers still suck if youre interested in anything other than which celeb recently got a boob job. actually the number of shit rags on the shelves have multiplied if anything.

– friends that didnt change,….its great how you can just pick up where you left off. theres comfort in knowing that certain people will always be fun, be it 5 or 20 years from now when you next meet.

– my folks spent a lot of time in london during the 60’s, and they gave me directions to a shop for a little something for them. i laughed my ass off when my mum asked me, and i said “you gotta be kidding me, no way theyre still there after so long!” especially since they are a specialty shop.

i stood outside the shop for 5 minutes with my mouth open when i saw the sign,…wondering about how one goes about wiping egg off ones face πŸ˜›

a shortlist of things that have changed:

– gordon ramsey has now replaced angus deaton on “have i got news for you”,….which ironically is probably old news to everyone but me πŸ˜›

– i stayed in a flat just behind the london eye, i never went to see it before, buti gotta say,… that one bloody big wheel!

– alot more foreigners! which sounds odd cos i am one as well πŸ˜› , but yeah alot more. just about every person i asked for directions had a foreign accent.

– friends that did change: i love meeting old friends that turn out differently from how you thought they would. one person i always thought would wind up teaching now works in a hedgefund, shes loving it, and i gotta say that on reflection, it suits her well. others have saddly become drones. no point on expanding on that cos that would just be too depressing.

– it was officially the warmest october on record for the past 300 yrs. so the weather was lovely and i only got caught inthe rain once, and for only 30 mins. i walked everywhere, and didnt even need to take the tube. global warming rules!

– people seem alot tenser in general. which is understandable. but its not healthy. its also getting stupidly expensive there. kanye west said this about NY, but given the dollars weakness and the pounds strength London seems to fit better: ” you gotta be rich to be poor there”.

still, all in all, its a bloody great city to visit especially if you have friends there.

i just wished i had known about Spamalot’s opening so i coulda stayed longer to watch it.


i got my MPC πŸ˜€

its fuckin wicked!

i can play almost anything on it, from piano to strings to percussion, from whole samples to single shot notes for composing!

and it being a drumpad, its incredibly expressive as the pads are velocity sensitive,…ie: grrr/arrghh/agro sounds = hit harder, while, softer keys etc = hit not so hard.

its brilliant, and i havent even hooked my guitar up to it yet πŸ˜›



    • Delicately Realistic
    • Posted October 19, 2006 at 10:10 pm
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    Everybody needs gooood neighboooours
    Just a little understaaaaaanding
    and ull find the perfeeeeect friendss

    (Welcome back)

  1. welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! πŸ˜€

    glad u had fun! πŸ˜€

  2. dr: hahaha! you just gotta love all the tempo changes and variations that theyve done with that one silly song πŸ˜›

    kd and dr: thank you πŸ˜€

  3. Aussie, Gordon Ramsey, Angus Deaton, hedge fund, drones, Kanye West, velocity…

    :s too many words and names to google!

    Oh and must check Neighbors! Never heard of it!

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