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that sex tag thingy:

aaaaaand heeeeeere we gooooooooo:

1. I sometimes wonder whether I am doing things right during sex.
Nope, you really ought to know if you’re doing something wrong, and if you are,… switch it up with quickness 😛

2. Sex has a strong impact on my feelings for a person.

3. Orgasm is the most important aspect of sex.
Strongly agree,…. Otherwise whats the fuckin’ point? ( pun intended 😀 )

4. When it comes to sex, I will try almost anything once.
Strongly agree, but there are things I kinda figure I wouldn’t like, but then again you never know 😛

5. I sometimes feel ashamed of my own sexual desires.

6. I would rather not have sex at all, than have sex with someone I do not love. Hmmm, “love” is a bit extreme, but yeah I’d have to like the person atleast, and ‘like’ in a non-physical way as well as physical. They might be hot as hell, but if they come across as a moron, I’d have to be really really drunk 😀

7. I am curious and ask lots of questions when I am learning something new. Strongly agree, hearing directions can be incredibly arousing 😛

8. I have spent a lot of time and energy learning sexual techniques through reading and talking to others.
Strongly agree, how else are you gonna learn ?

9. I am intimately familiar with every inch of my body.
Like the back of my hand 😛 lol

10. Kissing is essential to good sex.
Strongly agree

11. I draw attention to my looks by wearing seductive clothing.
Ummm no I don’t wear speedos.

12. People sometimes mistake my friendly gestures as sexual come-ons.
Nope, friendly is just that, clear separation between business and pleasure.

13. I have fully explored ways to give myself sexual pleasure.
Strongly agree, but I have stopped short of warming up a jar of mayonnaise!

14. People often underestimate my abilities.
Yes and no, perhaps ‘experiences’ would be a better word.

15. People often compliment the way I look.
Every now and again :P, not too often tho 😡

16. When I see others having sex, I get highly aroused.
Agree, who doesn’t 😛

17. Seductive talk during sex is a turn-on for me.
Strongly agree

18. I find it hard to turn away someone in need.
Strongly disagree

19. I am very talented when it comes to sex.
Lol, would be too conceited of me to say yes to that, but i haven’t had any complaints 😛

20. Sex is all about the emotional connection behind it.
Strongly agree

21. The people I work with contribute directly to how much I like my job.
Strongly disagree

22. I would rather masturbate alone, than have sex with someone who did not get me to orgasm.

23. When I think about the best sex I have ever had, it is the physical sensations I remember most.
Strongly disagree, sex after all begins in the mind.

24. When I close my eyes, I am able to think more clearly.
No, my mind tends to wander more.

25. Sex is best when you’re having it with someone extremely attractive.
Strongly agree, provided they’re not a moron as previously stated above.

26. I would have sex more than once a day, every day, if I could.
Strongly agree, there’s nothing quite like an all day session, or a several-day-session 😛

27. I am a procrastinator.
Mehhhh, depends on the task at hand.

28. I try to catch as many glimpses of my sexual partner’s naked body as I can. Strongly agree, hehehehe 😛

29. I find it hard not to brag about my sexual abilities.
Well I don’t quite mention it to any and everyone in casual conversation.

30. Roller coaster rides are usually a disappointment.
I usually enjoy the ride 😛

31. I like to get creative in bed.
Strongly agree, the kinkier the better >:D

32. I often use facial expressions to communicate things to my partner during sex.
Doesn’t everyone? If you can control your expressions then your partner sucks 😛

33. Without affection, sex is hardly worth it. Strongly agree, there must be atleast a minimum of affection there.

34. I sometimes use subtle gestures during sex, such as brushing my leg against my partner’s, as a way to show affection.
Strongly agree, or a slap on the ass 😀

35. The game “Twister” can be extremely erotic.
The ‘idea’ of naked twister is appealing, but in practice, I don’t really know,…. I’ll let you know after I play it 😛

36. I can be talkative during sex.
Can be 😛

37. I love poetry.

38. I will use a slight nudge to get my sexual partner to change what they are doing.
Or a not so slight nudge, whatever works 😛

39. I do not like my sexual partner to see me naked.
Strongly disagree

40. Direct eye contact is essential for good communication during sex.
Strongly agree, nothing better than a deep gaze :P41. When playing Charades, I would rather be the one acting things out than the one guessing. Either / or, it can be fun no matter which side you’re on.

42. I like to stick to basic kinds of sex.
Strongly disagree, cos theres sooooooooo much more out there to experience 😛

43. I’m comfortable discussing sexual matters.
Strongly agree, what does annoy me is pointless comments regarding someones rack/ass/jubblies especially if the commentator isnt going to do anything about it. i’m not fucking blind and yes she does have an aesthetically pleaseing rear end, but i’d rather continue with our current line of conversation if youre done salivating.

44. I prefer the corner table in restaurants.
Strongly agree, hehehe:P

45. I fantasize about having sex with many different people I know.
Not that many, but a select few from time to time.

46. I have trouble sticking to the speed limit.
Nope, not a problem here.

47. Thoughts of sex are in my mind even when I do not want them there.
Lol, ok this is definitely a tag designed for girls cos that’s just silly to ask a guy!

48. When it comes to sex, I know how to ask for what I want.
Strongly agree

49. I have had a variety of sexual experiences.
Strongly agree

50. Are you currently in a sexual relationship?
Sadly no 😦 ( currently taking applications tho 😀 )

these things always take longer than you think they will,….. ironic if you think about it in this case 😛

happy eid 😀

now go get laid 😛



  1. Did you sign in Tickle or you just copied my post?
    Because you were supposed to have questions that according to your gender!
    I am saying that because you did not write about your test result!

  2. hahahahahahaha…

    That is some serious TMI, man… :/

    not sure I needed to know all that..

  3. envy: yeah i just copied and pasted 😛 i figured it would be funnier and more interesting to add my own comments 😛

    KD: lol it was wasnt it 😛 and youre tagged now :D, you could reinterpret the questions for your own situation 😛

  4. hahahaha this is a bit late but u may have noticed that I didn’t do the tag… mainly cos most of the answers would be N/A! 😛

  5. LOL It is much funnier!

    I completely forgot this post though…

    Must read before I see you next time 😉

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