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I Heart my MPC!

hehehe, i cant get enough of the damn machine.

quick recap for any new people here, its a drumpad/sampler machine that has been chiefly responsible for the majority of all the major hiphop albums of the past 20 years.

oh and i recently heard david gray used one on his albums too, although you wouldnt have thought it.

its about the size of a 15 inch widescreen laptop, and about the thickness of an A4 scanner.
mines currently sitting on my desk to the right of me 😛
if youve ever played an instrument before, or always wanted to, you should really consider getting one of these things before picking up a sax or a kazoo.
if youre one of those guys/gals that likes tapping your fingers on the desk to a rythm that only you can hear,…..
even if you used to suck on those whistle lollipops as a kid, to a tune in your head, while obviously annoying every adult within earshot,…..
it really is just hours upon hours of fun to play with!
to hell dvd’s and game consoles!
and theres only so much internet porn your mind can take before your idea of getting laid involves three midgets, a pony, one red rubber glove and clown named bongo!!!
anyway, what it does is quite simply, but oh my god it does it so fuckin well!

its got 16 rubber pads that you bang with your fingers.
each pad can be assigned a sound/sample. now that can be as simple as a snare drum or as complex as a hendrix guitar solo.

in piano terms, which is something you might be more familiar with, it has 16 ‘keys’ if you will.

it also has 4 banks of sounds, which you can switch between so,…..

16 pads x 4 banks = 64 samples

add to that 64 tracks and 99 sequences, and you got more than enough to compose just about anything.

pair it up with your computer and its a beast!

today i sampled an entire grand piano into the mpc, so add that to the drums,guitars and bass that i’ve put in, and it is literally a mobile Music Production Centre. you can basically take recordings from anywhere, edit, trim and apply effects, and then play them into your compositions.

and the workflow!

OMG, the workflow!!!

i’ve been banging out beats faster and more accurately than ever before. it beats the point and click of a mouse by leaps and bounds!

and its not just the speed, the quality of my music has gotten so much deeper and more complex purely because you play it as an instrument, which means you improvise more freely than you would on a mouse and keyboard.

but the most important thing is that before i would get stuck on a loop an dont know how to progress. now, because i’m listening and working with my ears as opposed to staring at waveforms on the screen, the progressions become somethig i cant wait to hear as they come piling out!

dear santa, you can keep those socks i always get for xmas and give em to someone else cos xmas came early for me 😛

Why does minty flavoured gum make me sneeze?

its been going on for almost a month now.

wrigleys, extra, even smints make me vacate my nostrils on the first couple of chews.

and i must say that it does take a fair amount of tongular dexterity to a) not spit the gum out during the sneeze, and b) not wind up choking on it either!

( put your dictionary away KD, i know ‘tongular’ isnt a word 😛 )

havent tried those listerine tabs yet cos i know theyre much stronger than smints, so i’ll probably sneeze out a lung!



    • adiamondinsunlight
    • Posted November 7, 2006 at 3:41 pm
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    dear skunk,

    this is little diamond, intlxpatr’s niece. I cannot comment at all on the mpc, other than to say mabrouk and I hope it works all its magic for you. but I can definitely comment on the gum. I am quite the conoisseur, despite the khala’s many attempts to dissuade me with the ‘gum chewing girls and cud-chewing cows’ rhyme.

    in lieu of mint proper, have you considered switching to cinnamon? Big Red, another Wrigley’s product, is available at all the Sultan Centers and many of the co-ops as well.

    happy chewing!

  1. hi diamond, and welcome to my blog.

    hmmm, i had no idea they made cinnamon gum!

    i’ll definately have to give that a shot next time i’m in the sultan centre. i’ve heard of big red but i didnt know it was cinnamon.

    and uhhh whats a khala?
    i’m guessing aunt 😛

  2. that’s a nice piece of gear. i mostly sample everything on my synthesizer & i was planning for a usb trigger finger to control samples on ableton live.

  3. David Gray, kazoo, snare drum, leaps…

    You haven’t been excited by anything since you got your new mobile!

    You’re probably allergic to mint! there’s strawberry chewing gum too. Can’t recall the brand.

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