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so let me get this right,…..

if she dresses “provocatively” she’s a temptress and inviting rape.
and the definition of “provocative” can be as loose as you want ( pun intended 😛 ).
so even tightish jeans that display “curvature” is the devil telling you to kiss his ass. or her’s as the case may be.
hair is tucked under the hijab so as to prevent men from being driven into a sexual frenzy. (seriously, the only guys who would be driven into any kind of frenzy at the sight of hair would be hairdressers and stylists,…. and 90% of the time theyd be gay anyway 😛 )
no self-respecting amish girl will wear anything other than the formless regulation smock so as not to distract their men from raising barns and umm other stuff they do like milking cows. ( the way their women dress its no wonder they get up at 5am to fondle a cows teats).
the burqa/niqab is designed to protect the woman from the unwanted lecherous glares of men, which by pure reasoning would suggest that the women’s men dont want other lecherous men leching. and who knows what men want better than another man.
ironically, that last line is often used when a straight person asks a gay/lesbian person what homosexual sex is like.
women, the temptresses that they are, are not allowed to directly touch a celibate buddhist monk. only men are allowed to shake their hands and serve them food, and the women have to touch the men touching the monks in order to recieve the good fortune that comes with monk-touching. ( its kinda like a religious conga line)
do you notice a pattern?
and from that pattern i have two questions, addressed to either sex of those that consider themselves pious and holy:
are you that fucking weak?!
are you that fucking insecure?! or do you just know your men better than they know them selves?


  1. I’m eager to comment…but .. Not Yet 🙂

    I’ll wait for all the hate messages yopu will be getting… I’ll check later 😛

    try to duck.. or wear protective gear 😛

  2. lol oh go on 😛

    looks like not many people noticed the post anyway 😛

    lol @ protective gear!

    i do have a bullet proof vest with metal plates and my gasmasks from the war still 😀

  3. skunk.. out of the blue and completely off topic… how was london? hope you had a blast!
    (the blogger formally known as mary antoinettes most famous line)

  4. Lol…Love that Ad….

  5. hiya cake 😀

    yeah london was great, thanks for asking. first thing i did on the day i landed was head straight to tottenham court road and picked up my mpc 😀

    oh and welcome home 😛

    toxy, yeah funny that 😛 came out around the first few days of the war in afghanistan but it still puts a smile on my face 😛

  6. so it’s like that ha ?!
    well then, in that case.. my comment would be..

    Loved your post 🙂

    I still have my mask from the war too 😛 I’m keeping it for it’s “Sentimental” value lol

  7. lol so am i!

    theyre actually pretty cool, being oldschool czech ones.

    if you have the same ones dont worry they work perfectly, i was at an exhibition in kuwait during the build up tot he war and the czech army had the same ones 😛

    actually i’m thinking of wearing one for a cover picture if i ever release an album under the sknkwrkz name, kinda fits the name 😛

  8. there’s a Halloween costume for ya !! 🙂

  9. “its kinda like a religious conga line”

    LOL!! that’s funny!

    yeah those things are pretty stupid, but then again people in general are pretty stupid… especially overly religious folk…

    3abeer who’s gonna get the hate comments now!?! 😛

  10. damit i shoulda thought of that for halloween!

    lol KD, you shoulda written for the doors:

    “people are stupid,
    overly stupid,
    overly religious folk,
    especially so”

    if you aint got a clue what i’m on about, which would surprise me, check out people are strange by the doors.

  11. The Krispy Dixie,

    sweety we are talking about the war mask not the ad. 🙂 read our comments throughly and you will know what I’m talking about 🙂

    * I stear clear of hate comments” 😛

  12. hehehehe I’m familiar with the song… 🙂

    good stuff!

    hey, we need a new post! 😀

  13. lol bored at work are we? 😛

  14. يا بن الشرموطة

  15. سمسم: go suck a cock and have a nice day 😀

    oh and english please in future since you can obviously read english if the post offended you.

  16. pun intended, smock, lecherous glares, leching, pious….

    It’s funny how I remember this post very well and that I didn’t even comment on it! I was so depressed back then that I think I checked your blog about 10 times a day asking myself why isn’t he posting! now I realize that you posted something a couple of days later. I must have been REALLY depressed back then.

    Did you photoshop this picture or it was a real Playboy cover?

    How come every body has gas masks? I don’t! You should wear it when it’s dusty 😛

    As fir the main topic you know what I think so there’s no point of saying anything except answering the last question. It’s not about being insecure it’s just like KD said. STUPIDITY!

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