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Google fame!

theres nothing quite like the thrill of finding your blog on the first page of google when youre not actually googling for it 😛


    • Delicately Realistic
    • Posted October 31, 2006 at 6:01 pm
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  1. Waw…
    Just Waw…

  2. it’s because you’re soooo googlishes 🙂

  3. GOOGLE Rules!

  4. hehe cheers everyone 😀

    if youre still on blogger you could try googling your own blog using words you think might lead you to your site since google now owns blogger.

  5. skunk,

    I did… 🙂

    I was lost ..but now I’m found

    on Google

  6. coollllll…..congrats!

  7. Hah .. Nice ;P

  8. lol abeer!

    and welcome maze and fayoora 😀

  9. I wonder if Fayoora knows that her nickname means “hot itchy turned on pussy” in Kuwaiti!

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