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Freestyle Cypher Battles Downtown.

the idiot that i am, i was looking for rhymers and lyricists in all the wrong places.

poetry is alive, or so they say.

pffft, the problem with poetry is that poets like to think theyre poets!

i had all but given up on finding anyone that might be interested to lay down some lines and work on tracks together,……

when all of a sudden the gods of the holy “boom-bap-boombap” decided to shine a light on me in a dark carpark downtown.


the underground!

there was about seven of them, dressed in the universal uniform of hiphop,…. namely the hooded sweat shirt and baseball cap, gathered around in a loose circle chatting amongst themselves.

the first proper cypher i’ve seen here in kuwait. a comforting sight if ever there was one.

a cypher is basically a loose circle, where rhymers spit their lyrics. the main idea being that each MC plays off anothers energy as well as the groups. and in the background theres a human beatbox pumping out a rythm with his mouth.

now this is worlds away from the freestyle battles that you probably saw in Eminems 8 Mile, but its fundamentally the same thing so we’ll just go with that for now.

saddly they werent rhyming that night cos most of them werent there. apparently up to 11 MC’s fight it out every weekend, but this week only a couple showed up, so i settled with just chatting to them.

most of them are highschool kids, and this thing has apparently been going on for a while now. while many might think that it would be international school kids, its not. well, its a mix, but mostly dominated by arabic school kids. and they spit in arabic or english or a mix of the two languages.

now that is perhaps the best thing about it all.

its not some hoitytoity crap that a couple of western educated kids decided to do in a trendy cafe, nor is it non-black non-americans trying to be just that. (i must admit i do find it funny when i see that 😛 )

it appears to be a grass roots thing.

the way its meant to be.

hiphop not as a result of globalisation, but rather as a glocalised movement, specific to the region, specific to the country, and not some half assed carbon copy.

this i gotta say is when the real talent comes out, when youre not trying to be someone youre not.

i didnt hear them rhyme yet, and even when i do, the arabic lyrics i probably wont understand, so i’ll have to get that translated.

but the good thing is that the foundation is right.

the setting is right.

the purpose is right.

when all of that comes together, theres bound to be something good there.

so i’m heading back there next week armed with my mobile digital recorder to capture some performances.

if anyone wants to watch or think they can battle it out too, youre more than welcome, its not too hard for anyone to find 😛

now, to put on my p diddy shoes and find me a Notorious BIG so i can one day buy myself that private jet on my christmas list 😛



  1. What? Why is it on your christmas list? Because it’s my birthday present?! Aww, you’re too sweet

    • Blue Ice Envy Bis
    • Posted November 11, 2006 at 1:21 am
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    Keep me updated!
    I am interested in working with you.

  2. You don’t understand Arabic?

  3. lol seddie! oh ok i’ll get you one too if youre good 😛

    blue, will do, an dont worry there’ll be a track with your name on it to add words to.

    xpat, i have what you could call “a working knowledge” of the language 😛 lol
    remember that friend of yours that made the ‘i’m not,…” comment? thats where i’m from :P, but i probably should have said “i never was to begin with…” 😛

    and shhhh about it 😛 it’d be too easy for a stalker to find me if they wanted to 😐

    • The Krispy Dixie
    • Posted November 12, 2006 at 8:06 am
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    “glocalised”…? really? 😛

    that’s interesting though, good luck finding ur lead singer! 😛

    Rockstar Skunk, in da house 😛

  4. lol have you never heard of “glocalisation” ?

    i swear i didnt make it up this time!

    its the evolution of globalisation of businesses, like the macdonalds macarabia, the ramadan stuff on starbucks cups etc.

  5. Gotchur back, SKNK. 🙂

  6. What do you think of these poems?

  7. Oh fun 😛

    well what happened? Where they any good?

  8. well aparently they were just cussing each other out. and not even in a witty way.

    i did a recording and i’ll mail it to you so you can have a listen 😛

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