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gasmasks and other crap,….

  • from now on thats gonna be my calling card.

  • kinda goes with the name dont you think? 😛
  • i’ve still got the czech gasmasks which i’m sure alot of people bought during the iraqi invasion.
  • and yup i was skeptical about how useful theyd be since they looked older than an old dudes oldest part of his body.
  • however, during the run up to the war, i did watch the czech army doing their biochem attack drills and they wore the same thing.
  • so at the very least, if saddam had lobbed pot of mustard/nerve gas our way, atleast i had the comfort of knowing that the czech military would also feel their testicles rot too if they didnt work 😀
  • i love the way they look, really old school, you know, the kind of thing you’d see in a 1950’s cold war public service announcement about how to prolong your life an extra few seconds incase the commie reds had too much to drink one night and decided that it would be a laugh to fry the world 😛
  • seriously, ‘duck and cover’ !?
  • all that would have done is make a neater pile of your ashes for the new world order to clean up!
  • and while we’re on the nuclear issue,…..
  • the whole iran thing does worry me a bit.
  • and its not the grrrr-isreal-must-die-so-launch-a-shehab/kassam/kababji- rocket thing that worries me, cos frankly they havent got the balls to do it, and i doubt they’d be that stupid to let one off in their own neighbourhood.
  • i’m betting a nuclear containment suit that most of the technology going into irans ‘peacefull’ bombmaking factory is going to be russian or chinese.
  • the last thing i bought from china stopped working after 2 months.
  • and russia had chernobyl.
  • so stop with the whole ‘johnny and bernard have one so why cant ahmed(inajadsanjani)’ arguement if you happen to disagree with me, and ask yourself this question,……
  • would you buy an iranian tv / car / fridge / mobilephone / computer / nuke ?
  • i for one wouldnt want anything remotely nuclear near me.
  • i like the colour of my ass as it is and i’d really rather not have it glow in the dark,…. what would be left of it anyway.
  • but,…..
  • i do have to have a place in the middle east for work, so beirut here i come 😀
  • i know i know, that probably sounds a bit silly after what i said about iran, but for some reason beirut sounds safer than here. war i can see and deal with,….
  • invisible radiation which will be neither confirmed nor denied by the government i’d rather not deal with.
  • and before anyone gets all uppity about what i just wrote regarding iran, i’m not making a political statement, i’m making a my-ass-isnt-meant-to-glowinthedark statement.
  • oh and one more prophecy of doom before i call it a day:
  • traffics gonna get worse.
  • lol, no, seriously.
  • there are more cars on the road,…definately.
  • but its not dangerous cos there are more idiot drivers.
  • its more dangerous because there are more normal people falling into the whole get a stupidly huge loan for a car you cant afford mentality. and since business is business, banks and dealerships are making it easier and easier for every 18 year old to cruise around in the latest jag.
  • and since theyre all in debt, their mind’s arent settled, and thus the driving environment gets dangerous since their minds are wandering under the huge burden.
  • and since i figured that out, i’ve figured this out as well,….. early morning driving is much more dangerous than night time driving.
  • cos all the late bastards think they can still make it to the office on time by playing michael schumacher, in the hopes that the boss wont cut a much needed KD10 from their salary.
  • if youre gonna get docked a couple KD cos youre late then you might as well be late ffs!
  • otherwise chances are you’ll kill someone sooner or later.
  • speeding is only forgivable in the event of a pregnancy emergency or imminent dairhoea!!!


    • Blue Ice Envy Bis
    • Posted November 19, 2006 at 6:35 am
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    I liked the older picture, put it back!

  1. You investing in a bomb shelter now, too? So ’50’s! LooooooooooOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!

    • The Krispy Dixie
    • Posted November 19, 2006 at 4:44 pm
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    “and before anyone gets all uppity about what i just wrote regarding iran, i’m not making a political statement, i’m making a my-ass-isnt-meant-to-glowinthedark statement.”

    That was funny! LOL! 😛

  2. lol bie 😛 maybe…..

    lmao xpat, cant believe i didnt think of beirut realestate in that sense 😛

    but bomb shelters are so wickedly vintage that you gotta have one. i remeber reading about someone buying an old nuke silo in the us and converting it into a house 😛

    wb KD, that was a quick trip,.. ya get me my snails? 😛

    • Blue Ice Envy Bis
    • Posted November 20, 2006 at 4:50 pm
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    You have to!

    • The Krispy Dixie
    • Posted November 23, 2006 at 2:00 pm
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    hells no! I woulda stunk up the whole flight if I had! 😛

  3. snails dont smell 😐

    they taste yummy sauteed in garlic olive oil and parsley 😀

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