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  1. off topic..

    I liked your old picture… put it back 😦

  2. *giggles*

  3. lol damn it abeer ! now thats two requests 😛

    wb puppy, i think 😛

  4. Just guessing you aren’t buying on the margin, haven’t taken loans hoping for a write off and this is an OPPORTUNITY! Woooo Hoooooo!

  5. eeeeeeeeeexactly expat 😛

    margin is evil and therefore by definition loans are evil too unless for something that appreciates in value, cos margin is fundamentally the same thing as a loan 😛

    and lol if that loan writeoff goes thru, no kuwaiti will ever be able to hold their head up high 😛
    (cos theyd load up on even more larger loans afterwards)

    this’ll be one time it pays well to be an xpat 😛

  6. well??

    what are you going to do about it ??


  7. evil


    i made money 🙂


    lost money next day when it shot up! go figure!

  8. 3abeer, i’ll sleep on it is what i’m gonna do 😛

    Q, hmmm alafco? 😛 friends of mine managed the same thing on that ticker:P

    but thats the way the cookie bounces, and its all part of the fun 😛

  9. make it fast 😛

  10. Hope you make a fortune and retire young and do good, like the Microsoft millionaires.

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