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Loan Waiver Supporters gather round!!!

and let your voices be heard!!!

tell everyone of your plight so that they too will understand your point of view that…….

  • you dont give a shit about this lil kid, i mean why send aid when hes probably gonna die anyway right?

  • because everyone has a God given right to own one of these :

  • cos lets face it,…. that car is just soooo much more fun!!!
  • besides, how else are you gonna get laid in this country?
  • you certainly wont get any action helping this lebanese kid out:

  • i mean why waste money on giving him medicine when the israelis probably have a shell with his name on it, and if not then hizballah definately knows where the kids hospital is and will probably one day fire rockets from there, so either way the kid is fucked.

  • besides, the government OWES you a house like this, even tho you only sell stamps at the post office:

  • and palestine? what a waste right? just more kids dieing everyday, youre right palestine is such a bad “investment”. besides if the money did help to end the fighting, what else are you gonna watch on your stupid 12300 inch big screen TV’s ? you’ll miss out on righteously condeming the israelis and satans america,…. then switch over to watch friends…..

  • i guess you’ll just have to settle for travel shows if that does happen.

  • but wait!

  • if the government did stop feeding the poor, hungry and traumatised that’d be great cos then you can all go on holiday here:

  • and do this:

  • and you can do it all again next year 😀

  • and the year after 😀

  • until all the oil runs out and your grandkids are left scratching each other’s balls wondering where it all went wrong.



  • For those that dont know, here in sunny kuwait, there is currently a movement proposing the government write off all personal consumer loans. apparently its gotten so bad that your average kuwaiti is now indebt to the tune of KD20,000 – KD75,000 per household, maybe even per head.

  • no one really knows the exact numbers because there is no centralised credit rating system here, so if youre refused at one institution because youre already over your limit, you just have to pop across the road to another one who will probably say yes cos youre not on file yet.

  • a local blogger reported on perhaps the worst thing to come out of this whole mess.

  • MP’s have apparently been criticising the government for spending millions in barren africa and war torn palestine and lebanon while their own citizens has apparently been “suffering” at home. they are actually questioning the point of sending aid!!!

  • now to think this is one thing.

  • to actually come out and voice it at a rally, is an entirely new low in just about every manner imaginable.

  • i’ve met militant neonazi skinheads with more compassion. but then i guess they didnt live beyond their means.

  • let them starve/die so you can enjoy that mercedes 500 whateverthefuckitscallednow.

  • let them starve/die so they can pay for your holiday, house, and even holiday home, so you wont have to worry about it at your clerical day job where youre at for only 2 hours a day…..drinking tea and reading the newspapers.

  • shame on you.


  1. shame indeed… what’s wrong with people these days? it’s not just wrong it’s stupid! who says these kind of idiotic thoughts out loud? you’d think that one would consider keeping such thoughts to oneself so as not to appear selfish and… demonic. i dont know. i guess times have changed

  2. times have indeed changed. i never really thought it would get as bad as this.

    seems like there are some really desperate people around, imean just look at the kindsof reports you see on the crime reports on the papers these days.

    makes you wonder it’ll be like here in a few years. and if indeed you want to stick around to find out.

  3. i almost thought you suscribed to those thoughts above until I read the postscript.


    Capitalism yo

    Those halfwits should be forced to live a la Survivor for a week. In Mongolia. Or here in Bodoland’s jungles. Without ration.

    why bodoland? well, after they’ve easily escaped into civilization, they’ll implode from the stupidity of its politics 😀

  4. I know I should be studying, but I just can not resist your blog!

    I do not have any loans, and I think that it is getting worse in Kuwait.

    At the same time, I really do not care about kids dying, I mean unless very close family kids. I know that it is cruel and selfish to say so…

  5. lol bodicea, they might feel more at home in bodohland the name definately suits them more 😛

    the funny thing is they wouldnt even be able to survive there cos thentheyd have to take out more loans to maintain the ‘rich arab’ image 😛

    lol BIE cheers for the compliment 😛 i’ll have to get oyu something for xmass.

    its not about whether you actually care or not. its understandable that things far away can have no meaning.

    the thing is that ok if there was a masive attack here, or a big ass earthquake i would understand people complaining about so much money going overseas.

    but this is about people who cant control their spending, the fucking idiots

  6. Just like you said… FUCKING IDIOTS!

  7. Skunk, what I don’t get is that the elected representatives are SERIOUS about this. . . like they don’t care what they would look like to every other country in the world, and they have no idea what it would do to the country’s image if some of these things got out . . .

    they are PANDERING to the gullibility of people looking for the easy way out. They probably promised this to get elected.

  8. youre right xpat it WAS the platform that some of them campaigned on. surprisingly it seems to be the platformthat most of them campaigned on.

    and yup its definately all to get votes, nothing more nothing less.

    i guess they just dont care about what it’ll look like, which is surprising. i mean if they pass this law, then what’ll be next?

    theyre already thinking of taxing expats only and putting that money into a ‘kuwaiti retirement’ fund, as if we’re the ones draining the economy!

  9. Loooooooollllllll. Who would they tax? The laborors earning 40KD per month? Watch the Western xpats flee, should they tax us!

  10. saddly xpat, youve hit the nail on the head there. i mean from their perspective it makes sense, we’re here because of the money, and yeah i wouldnt put it past them to tax KD40 labourers.

    its probably going to be quite small, in the region of 5%, but 5% for someone that makes KD40 is a huge chunk relatively compared to 5% on someone making KD1000.

    so i think alot of people making a decent living here will stay, cos its still very low tax.

    on the otherhand, other tax havens start becoming an option.

    i mean why not live in hong kong if you really like city life, or bermuda for the islands if youre gonna get taxed the same. why stay in the desert?

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