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you know you’re a true expat in exile when…………………..
you get an email from a friend back home describing a weekend in a traditional theme hotel, complete with tea ceremonies, hot springs and traditional clothing and ‘ye olde foode’,…..
and they say:
” its somewhere i like to take foreigners like you when they come to visit “
hehehe, i couldnt help but laugh my ass off at the irony of it all :P.
on another note, i’ve been avoiding messenger because i’ve been working on some music.
one of the problems i have is that my speakers are only hifi speakers and not proper monitoring speakers, so half the time when a mix sounds good here, something will be wrong when i play it in the car, too much/little bass etc.
so in the interest of sorting that out, and trying to instill some kind of discipline in myself to properly finish a track instead of just experimenting,….
i’m thinking of sending the tracks out to anyone who wants a listen. this way i’ll be able to get some feed back, discipline myself to finish a track under a deadline, and test the tracks on different systems at the same time.
so if you fancy being an audio guinnea pig leave your email and i’ll set a deadline of next tuesday when i’ll send the track out.
tell me if its too bassy, or too wide, kinda dull or too complicated, and be as harsh as you can when critiquing the track which shouldnt be too hard cos it probably wont be what youre used to listening to.


  1. guinea pig reporting.

  2. My brother told me something like that a few days ago, but it did not make me laugh.
    P.S. You can send the track to me.

  3. cheers you two, now i really gotta get to work on that damn track 😛

  4. send and I will be harsh ;P

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