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Thoughts on Sheep…… khahroooooofs! the lot of them!

  • they came to the KSE in their tribal herds today.
  • they were there to sell their tomorrows to feed themselves today.
  • the young, the old, ewes and rams.
  • each one willingly walked up the ramp that led them to certain mediocrity for the rest of their lives.
  • theres nothing funnier than sheep pretending to be all wall street!
  • but i suppose you cant really blame them, especially since wall street has its own fair share of sheep.
  • i’m glad i decided to order the fish instead of the lamb.
  • theres been enough bahhing and bleating today 😛
  • to all the philosphers out there, or anyone who considers themselves a student of the human condition, no treatise or thesis on human psychology is complete without a trip to your local stock exchange.
  • infact, i’ll go so far as to say that the stock market is the purest form of emotional self expression that you will ever find on this earth. mans best and worst traits are displayed in charts, his hopes and dreams, nightmares and catastrophes, his endless capacity for stupidity and brilliance, compassion and acts of pure evil……
  • its all captured there if you know how to read it.
  • everything is there, from the moment JFK was shot to the lunar landings, earthquakes, tsunamis, reagans assasiantion attempt, the day that the world thought the us economy would collapse, the day they realised it wouldnt, and then again, ….. 9/11, the subway bombings in london, the sarin gas attacks in tokyo, waco, etc etc etc etc ad nauseum.
  • so put down that history and literature book for a little bit, and turn on bloomberg or CNBC.
  • chances are you’ll learn what it is those history and literature books are talking about.
  • if at the end of time, everything was gone except for the charts of our stock markets, even the next intelligent species of lizard people archeologists will understand what happened by reading those charts. it wont be sheep people cos hopefully the next big meteor willkill them all off in one shot 😛
  • and if all that still hasnt convinced you of the importance of knowing even a little bit about the stock market, theres always this:
  • the next time theres a crash or a bubble being blown, look around you. there will be people crying, jumping for joy, having heart attacks, taking three or four mistresses, tearing their hair out or hugging complete strangers.
  • wouldnt you be curious about what it is that elicits such extremes of emotions?
  • nothing in the world can come close, except maybe having kids,.. but then i dont have any yet so i wouldnt know 😛
  • its not that the market is a good or a bad thing.
  • it just is.
  • and i love it!!!
  • to hell with drugs, fast cars or loose women!!!
  • I want my bloomberg!!!
  • cos if you do things right, and ironically, if you dont focus on the money, the drugs, fast cars and loose women come as a bonus for a job well done!
  • traffic tip for the next couple of days: if you dont have to, dont go down to the NBK HQ/ Stock exchange area forthe next couple of days,…. the sheep are clogging the roads…. lol they even all drive and park together!


  1. i dont know anyone else who talks so animatedly about the stock market. i can in no way relate to ur interest. i avoided ever studying business, economics, and accounting, and i think im sticking to that

    i like the sheep though :p

  2. lol palo, glad you like the sheep 😛

    heres my confession: i too never studied business, accounting or economics 😛

    actually i was oneof those brooding arty types in school, all the way thru high school to university. infact when i meet old friends they ask if i’m doing something creative like painting or filmmaking 😛

    ironically, the stockmarket has less to do with understanding business, economics or accounting,… and more to do with understanding the emotions of mr abdullah / mr jones next door 😛

  3. Can’t all this be done online these days? Do you really have to go to market?

    Isn’t it like going to an auction, where sometimes the emotions and adreneline overcome good judgement? Kinda like . . . .gambling?

    I love the way you dance the stock market, Skunk, not dancing to it’s tune, but pulling the strings. Hope you establish a glorious financial empire and secure future for yourself and your loved ones and YOUR children. 🙂

    PS don’t go.

  4. it can be done online xpat, but sometimes you gotta be there to smell the noise 😛

    i’m kinda old fashioned like that 😛

    and youre right, the adrenaline does get pumping and it all is a big casino under the moral and religiously legit name of ” the stock market”.

    lol i cant tell you how many bearded dudes i see down there that dont know what theyre doing!

    but just like professional poker and blackjack, if you get the emotions out of the way, you can make a pretty good living 😛

    even going is a part of my investment strategy,…. distance helps you put things in perspective 😛

    ps: amazons be doing quite well this second half hasnt it 😛

  5. omg must it be the stocks? must it be numberssssssssssssssssssss


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