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A Kuwaiti White Christmass

  • styrofoam is a loverly thing. what normally comes packed around your new pc or hifi is normally made up of thousands upon thousands of tiny lil beads:

  • i’ve only ever had one or two truely white christmasses where snow falls on christmass day. most of the time its been black icey sludge which is basically left over snow thats had time to collect dirt and melt together.

    but i have had the occasional christmass day snowball fight :D. and being in Kuwait this christmass, the last thing i expected was to have a white christmass of any kind.

  • however,….

  • driving into work on this sunny christmass morning, a truck with styrofoam boards hit a pothole, and since the styrofoam boards werent properly secured, a couple of them went flying all over the highway,…..

  • the boards flipped and flapped in the wind until finally colliding with the road and exploding into a beautifull shower of this stuff:

  • which kinda looked like this:

  • here in the desert, i’ll take a white christmass however which way it comes 😀

  • hopefully the truck drivers boss will realise that god works in mysterious ways, and that this was his way of spreading a little bit of christmass joy to the drivers behind him,………

  • well maybe not right behind him,…

  • merry christmass everyone 😀 !


  1. Merry Xmas! Love your blog 🙂

  2. thanks:D and merry xmass to you too!

  3. Hi there,
    we, Ali & Musaed, have started a Kuwaiti podcast and we are inviting you to come and listen to it …
    please let us know what you think afterwards 😉

  4. I used to love playing with this stuff when I was small! Can’t to get my new laptop to do it all over again 😀

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