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Monthly Archives: January 2007

and the moaning begins,……

  • the sheer amount of food on offer in this country is simply astounding,….. i’ve been here, what now, going on four weeks?….. i can honestly say i have never had the same thing twice! infact i dont think i’ve even eaten in the same restraunt twice,…. with the exception of this starbucks i’m sitting in.
  • and its soooooooooo damn cheap! ,……… but naturally not really good for you as alot of street food is drenched in oil and MSG.
  • i think i ‘m definately getting older as well,…. all this clubbing is starting to take its toll on me. but then i guess its a case of been there done that,… which i have and been.
  • the one thing that this place does have in common with other places is that there is a complacency that descended along with the establishment of a middle class. theres alot of “no that wont work here” or ” malaysians just dont think like that” and tonnes of “well, we’re different.”
  • well so is every other fucking country! so quit bitching already and do what you wanna do cos there are shittier and much more dictatorial places you could have been born in.
  • theres alot that can be done here, and they do have their fair share of raw talent,…. the only thing is that it obviously doesnt really pay off here, so everyones had to get day jobs, which naturally means that no one is there to fully focus all their energy into their endevours. which is fair enough i suppose,… bills do have to be paid.
  • musicians are a bunch of elitist bitches if you ask me.
  • and heres why:
  • ok so theres “paying your dues” and then theres being “tight ass motherfuckers”, and from what i’ve both seen and heard, the vast majority of established and semi-established artists make up the latter.
  • you would think, that having gone thru all the shit of trying to establish yourself, youd then try and make it easier for kids only just comming up. instead they seem to fear the talented, and make them pay their dues as well.
  • ok i’m not talking about myself cos basically i dont qualify to be called a “kid” anymore,… saddly ( wahh wahh motherfucker)
  • i’ve met mc’s, dj’s, beatmakers and turntablists that simply blew my mind with the level to which they have mastered their particular craft,…. alot of them good enough to play on their own and make a decent living out of it.
  • instead, they play for free, at events organised by the so called “old timers” or “big names” because they assume that the big asses are doing them a favour,…. its like, you better be greatful you lil shit !………. and all this while the big names are getting paid to simply organise crappy events.
  • now i dont know about anyone else, but doesnt that sound just wrong?
  • shouldnt they be helping the kids out?
  • this is a bloody expensive hobby as it is, so even a little bit of cash as a thank you would go a long way. “free drinks” as payment sucks ass, no two ways about it.
  • its almost as if they want the kids comming up to give up cos this music business doesnt put food on their table, while the old timers are getting paid.
  • and there is also the fact that the old timers simply lose relevance as they get older. i’ll admit that i myself am not really in touch with the street as much as i used to be, say back in the UK.
  • perhaps this paying your dues thingy is a way for the old timers to stretch out their decaying status for as long as possible before they become truelly irrelevant.
  • its just one of those things that really annoys me cos ethically, its as ethical as a catholic priest in the boy’s shower room.
  • basically playing for free, and thinking theyre doing you a favour is the equivalent of being anally raped and thanking the rapist for the opportunity.
  • this shits gotta change,….
  • i’ve always wondered about people who got old and refused to let someone else take the reigns, be they politicians or CEO’s. there comes a point in everyones life where you gotta ask yourself if you really know what youre doing, and if maybe someone younger might do a better job. i never understood people who fought to stay where they are until they died.
  • haha, who woulda thought i’d be getting into the entertainment business?!
  • i’m not quite sure that i will yet,…
  • sknkwrkz records,…… it does have a nice ring to it dont you think ? 😛

the only good thing about not knowing what youre doing is that you dont have stuff to unlearn. theres no institutional imperative that blocks your mind from possible alternatives.
the downside however is that you wind up at a cross roads like one in the picture above.
i think it was Buffett that said investing was like being at bat without the 3 strikes. basically he means that you wait for the perfect pitch before you swing,…. and the thing is that you dont have to swing, it isnt 3 strikes and youre out.
theres so much to do, so much that can be done, and so much that should be done………
but that doesnt really help me here.
interesting thing was that i had a japanese friend come down from tokyo last week. shes in the fashion business so we went around isetan, sungei wang, and a stupid amount of other malls.
i’d be happy to not see another mall for the rest of my life,……
ummm except for the fact that i currently live in one……..
think muthana complex on steroids,… actually its more like muthana complex snorted a line of coke, popped a dozen prozacs, downed a case of redbull and just got injected in the ass with steroids,……
then you get times square in malaysia.
and its not even the largest one in the country.
decisions, decisions.
i think i’ll be a lard ass and take my time. maybe fly to japan to check out whats going on there.
the one thing i cant get my head around is that, now that i’m in malaysia, those far off exotic places arent that far off anymore. japans only 6 hours away for about US$300!
hanoi, angkor wat, beijing, tokyo, hong kong and even bloody australia is just a short skip and a hop away now.
i love this neighbourhood.
its funny watching the news about the middle east from here.
there is a distance, and i’ve always understood how people never really understood the effects arab political events have on them, whether theyre in NY, London or Tokyo.
for all the tribal and sectarian strife going on in the middle east, it appears that many cant see the forrest for the trees as it were. as silly as it may sound,…. everyone ought to be sent somewhere “safe”, and then forced to watch news of the arab world on tv,…. then forced to lead a “normal” life in that safe country for a while.
ok i’m doing a shit job of trying to explain what i mean,… but the closest thing i can think of is astronauts going up for the first time, seeing the world, and coming back fully pissed off at the human race for trying to suck this planet dry, and bickering over petty shit, when all you want to do is live and have kids and die old, which, surprise surprise just happens to be what your enemy wants too.
i’ll admit one thing tho:
its unsettling not having to worry about wars and politics that could actually kill you.
haha i think i need a shrink,….

bodohland, drum and bass, and my sweaty arse.

well, my first ten days in malaysia have been pretty cool. i’ve amazingly managed to cram in so much stuff over the past fortnight that i feel like i need a bloody vacation.

not being a touristy tourist, i normally avoid all the “must see” things that guide books make you feel guilty for missing. so my first few days were spent with old friends from university and new friends of my brothers from the musical underground scene here. theres not much of a scene, but nevertheless, these guys are trying to do something so “much respect” ( add ali g voice there).

“old friends” are mostly made up of architects, designers and graphic artists from uni. catching up is indeed fucking tiring at times,….. but at others,….. catching up becomes one of those moments in your life that you really enjoy yourself.

funny how with some people, its almost as if you never left.

with musicians, writiers, designers and architects, i think i pretty much covered the entire KL artistic underground…… and while they are as frustrated as creatives in any city,…. theres some real talent here.

so i’ve got a plan.

well,… kinda,….

everyone seems to work with everyone else here, but everyone is also in everywhere else. naturally some work out of their bedrooms, many still live with their parents, which you gotta admit can be a pain creatively…….. unless your niche happens to be death metal in which case your mums constant nagging would a source or creativity.

so i think i’m gonna start an art gallery/workshop type thing.

something along the lines of the meat packing district in NY, or camden as it was in the 60’s,…… shitty warehouses, stripped and cleaned and leased out to artists and designers and musicians. big space for cheap rent.

oh and art galleries are tax free 😛


i know ,…. capitalist pig blah blah blah,….


oink, oink motherfucker!

if i can manage to group several different disciplines under one roof,…. the orgy of creativity should result in an explosion of artistic ejaculate, coating the currently stale egg that is commercial culture,….. hopefully impregnating this city with a bastard child of drug and mamak (street food) induced music and design.

or i might have to declare bankruptcy.

either way it looks like its gonna be fun, and either way i’ve got alot of homework still to do.

i also managed to cram in alot of sight seeing. friends from japan came over, and being the definition of japanese tourists, they wanted to see all the stuff in the guide books.

they knew more about this city than i did!

so yeah,….. the twin towers was just alright,…. you cant go to the top to it was meh,….

batu caves,… 271 steps up a steep incline doesnt sound like much,…. until my legs started to burn with lactic acid only half way up. they should put a startbucks at the halfway line,…. theyd make so much money!

definately something to see tho.

genting,…. casino on a hill, nice place, nice weather, was all misty and shit, but it was like going to another country weather wise. we took the cable car up, and got enveloped in the dense mountain fog.

someone really ought to make a horror movie set in a cable car, halfway up the mountain, in dense fog so you cant see 5 feet outside the car,….. i’d shit my pants if something went bump in the night and i was stuck in a cable car that wasnt moving.

speaking of which,….

the food is great here,… you can have a full meal for like 500 fils, and i mean full, with drink and be stuffed. the next day of course your arse will call you all sorts of vile names as you expel the previous night’s dinner.

but its too cheap for me to complain 😛 and it does taste pretty good,….even tho it might not look to great.

there seems to be an inverse law at work here,…… the more disgusting it looks, the better it tastes,……. and if anyone has had beef noodles at a street stall here,.. then you know what i mean. my first time i thought,…. damn a cat had diarrhea on my noodles WTF!

i gotta get me a camera phone so i can take picks next time.

well i think i’ll wrap things up for now.

i’m still not used to blogging from a public place,…. but i am getting used to it.

starbucks has free wifi.

and the funny thing is that even shitty street cafes, the ones run by a 90 year old chinese man, with plastic chairs, and 30 year old plastic tables, waiters in flipflops with a ciggie hanging out the side of their mouths,…. even those places have free wifi.

its a bloody bizarre country,….. but it fuckin rocks!

oh and i’m off to japan for abit in one months time too,…. i cant fucking wait 😀

time to go back to my flat and expel last nights supper,…..

man its humid here.

apologies for not posting much over the past week, but i’ve been rather busy sweating my ass off and doing a whole bunch of touristy things cos i’ve been appointed the tour guide for family friends,…. pffft!

funny thing is that i havent even been to many of these places anyway, so i officially suck at this job.

so i’ll just leave a short note to say that i am still alive, despite the late 5am bedtimes, and hopefully i’ll be back on track soon 😛

its humid but not so hot, and this fucking city rocks!

oh and i climbed 271 bloody steps to see a fucking hole in the wall.

but more on that a lil later when i get my pics from friends 😛

Update: the website below has since been updated and no longer points to an israeli government website.

so i’m doing some window shopping at the stock exchange’s website when i decide to take a look at a company called:


first things first, learn a little bit about the company from this page:

then i notice their website address in the upper left hand side of the page under their name:

so i clicked on it and laughed my ass off !!!

considering the nature of the company,….. someone’s head is going to roll pretty hard lol !

The Coming Islamic Civil War.

  • the critics were right,…. and they were wrong because they misjudged their own cultural divisions. go back to the build up for the Iraqi war and recall one of the most famous reasons for opposing the invasion:

  • “if Iraq is invaded, the middle east will burn”

  • then there was the whole “clash of civilizations” argument of east vs west, christianity vs islam, etc, etc.

  • i always thought that those criticisms were completely overblown. what i understood to be the “arab world” led me to believe that the cedar revolution in lebanon, and a the removal of saddam would lead to a peaceful, prosperous and free middle east. even hamas’s election in gaza i took to be a good sign despite the fact that i dont agree with their cause or practices.

  • and i do believe that to this day.

  • but maybe i was a bit hasty. it looks as if there is one more step to be taken before all my hippy-loving/tree-hugging hopes for the middle east materialise.

  • while everyone has so far been occupied by the islam vs everyone else debate, i’ve been more interested in the potential sunni vs shiaa conflict that seems to be slowly materialising.

  • growing up a non-muslim here i’ve always been asked my religion, of which i have none. now that wasnt a problem cos i always had the “foreigner” tag on me first. but there was always a slight reaction when i said i wasnt muslim, almost as if the person asking had hopes i was,…… then was let down. over the years i’ve noticed that a positive ” yes i am muslim” response really does evoke a completely different reaction.

  • now thats not a problem, i know its more of a religious follower thing rather than a specifically muslim thing. christians, buddhists and greenpeace activists all do the same thing, subconsciously. like roaches we look for the familiar in a group. personally i also look for my own fellow roaches, stock market participants, hahaha perhaps the worst kind of roaches!

  • facial muscles betray ones subconscious, and very few actually dont give it a second thought when i tell them what i believe or dont believe in. those people i know i can talk to about religion.

  • but what happens when its a sunni kid asking a shiaa kid?

  • over the past month or so i’ve been hearing alot more about this stuff happening amongst your children here. and the actions of a child reflect the household in which they grow up, meaning what the fuck are the parents talking about?

  • amongst the grown ups i’ve been hearing more “them”s and “us”-es, more of “those people” and much more of “theyre just not right” from both sides of the camp.

  • there’s something brewing that i dont like the smell of.

  • for those that dont know, in a nutshell the divisions between the two sides is over the rightful successor to the prophet mohammed. one side believes it should be the prophets right hand man at the time of his death, while another believes the right goes to one of the prophets relatives. both sides have clear justifications for their beliefs, but from this central point onwards each side accuses the other of lieing, cheating, starting rumours, etc.

  • theres more than enough stuff to read about on the subject so i wont rehash it all here. but suffice it to say, the division is pretty serious on a fundamental level mostly because a simple case of succsession turned into a power grab after the prophets death. it has since snowballed to present day.

  • back to present day, alot of people are quick to jump onto the “blame-bush-for-invading-iraq” bandwagon, so its his fault if the middle east burns. however, the fact is that iraq was, is, and has always been apart from the rest of the middle east. it has always been a secular society where intermarriages between sects and whole bloody religions were a part of life. now that point you cannot argue in almost any other arab country. while it may exist, it doesnt exist to the extent as it does in iraq.

  • i mean it goes so deep that indian sailors who settled in basrah, were welcomed and wound up marrying local girls and integrating into iraqi society,…… which is a large part of why your diet comprises of so much rice……. look around, it takes thousands of gallons of water to cultivate rice,…. i seriously doubt your desert bedouin ancestors ate machbous laham back in the day.

  • so iraq to me is not a purely sectarian civil war. its a power grab whose main participants happen to be of different islamic sects. there is a difference. and atleast, thats what it started out as.

  • some will argue the point that saddam managed to keep a lid on sectarian strife. bullshit, if sectarian strife really did exist intersect marriages wouldnt have occured,…. much like it rarely does here. i will however concede the point that mutual hatred and fear of saddam kept the iraqi people together, but thats no way to live, and sacrificing generations of 20 million iraqis to future hussein family rule is too high a price to pay for the percieved stability of the region.

  • growing out of the power grab, sectarian differences are the first things to be exploited by the parties fighting for power in iraq. and saddly thats what has happened.

  • and its pulling in its neighbours because the powers that be in neighbouring countries are also exploiting your differences and emotions. your friday prayer mullahs and imams are just as guilty as your politicians spouting shit about supporting your shiaa/sunni brothers in iraq. politicians want you to vote for them and clerics want you to come to their mosque so they can brag about being the most popular. they are afterall only human, with all too human desires and perceptions of respect.

  • if anything, this sectarian division is what will burn the middle east. remember the balkans? well its not that much different when you look at the main players.

  • iran has always been the shiaa communities defacto spokesperson whether the global shiaa community like it or not. but then again no one has really listened to the rantings of iran until recently when ahmadinejad started exploiting the iraqi situation and the nuclear situation to divert attention from the fact that his oil rich nation is one of the poorest countries in the world. and if you dont believe me then why are DAY LABOURERS crossing into basrah for work?

  • saudi, being the custodians of the ka’aaba and mecca, and being predominantly sunni, is the defacto sunni spokesperson. and up until recently nothing much has come out of there regarding supporting their suni brothers.

  • until a couple of months ago when a saudi cleric started voicing his opinion that saudi should do so. warning number one.

  • warning number two came packaged in the mobile phone video of saddams execution. a guard started chanting ” moqtada,moqtada,moqtada!”

  • incase you didnt know, moqtada al sadr is a prominent shiaa cleric in iraq. the shiaa slums in baghdad were named after his father who i think was either gunned down or blown up. ( someone correct me if i’m wrong).

  • so what would the sunni arab streets be thinking: “we thought it was the damned americans who wanted to execute an arab on eid, instead it was the shiaa’s who wanted to kill a sunni on eid”

  • with a saudi/isreali deal potentailly on the table, or under it for the time being, how hard would it be for ahmedinajad to brand the house of saud traitors to the palestinian cause?

  • and saudi definately wouldnt want a nuclear iran on its door step unless saudi herself had nukes as a deterent. the whole nuclear issue has served to divide the shiaa sunni community as it is, and so far no one has died over it.

  • so what happens when they step up the rhetoric regarding iraq?

  • for a clue on how things would work out, take a look at lebanon in early ’06, or even take a look at lebanon’s own civil war. perhaps the ideological wars of the cold war would be a better case study, proxy wars in africa, direct conflict in vietnam and afghanistan. oh and dont forget the balkans.

  • the jews fought amongst themselves, and so too did the christians, some kept fighting up to present day in northern ireland. so it wouldnt be too surprising to see an all out conflict or an escalation of a war by proxy here in the muslim world.

  • humans, regardless of education, wealth or religion have an unbelieveable capacity for stupidity. 99% of the time we have to have a world war to tell us that war aint such a great idea. the west had their world war. the east had theirs. africa was subject to a war by proxy. the balkans too, done and dusted. it is only after massive slaughter that we learn that killing isnt good. and many times we forget that over the years, and need to be reminded, which is why wars have cycles, just like the stock market.

  • the only strategic location left worth fighting over is the middle east.

  • so the critics were right, the middle east will burn, but it will be the muslims carrying the torches and lighting the fires of other muslim homes. and it wont be a western-CIA-conspiracy because it will be muslim money paying for the torches.

  • there might not be a way to avoid it. perhaps it really is a case of “when” rather than “if”. the only thing you can do, as a people, and an individual is to scold anyone talking in terms of “us” and “them”.

  • because being an “us” makes it easier to demonise the “them”, which justifies the “killing in the name of” .

  • when was islams last civil war?

  • just cos it hasnt happened yet doesnt mean it cant or wont.

  • all it takes is one kid to smack another kid, and one word while doing it:

  • “kafir!”


chicken little here will be finishing off a track so watch your emails over the next couple of days,…. then its off to KL 😀