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bodohland, drum and bass, and my sweaty arse.

well, my first ten days in malaysia have been pretty cool. i’ve amazingly managed to cram in so much stuff over the past fortnight that i feel like i need a bloody vacation.

not being a touristy tourist, i normally avoid all the “must see” things that guide books make you feel guilty for missing. so my first few days were spent with old friends from university and new friends of my brothers from the musical underground scene here. theres not much of a scene, but nevertheless, these guys are trying to do something so “much respect” ( add ali g voice there).

“old friends” are mostly made up of architects, designers and graphic artists from uni. catching up is indeed fucking tiring at times,….. but at others,….. catching up becomes one of those moments in your life that you really enjoy yourself.

funny how with some people, its almost as if you never left.

with musicians, writiers, designers and architects, i think i pretty much covered the entire KL artistic underground…… and while they are as frustrated as creatives in any city,…. theres some real talent here.

so i’ve got a plan.

well,… kinda,….

everyone seems to work with everyone else here, but everyone is also in everywhere else. naturally some work out of their bedrooms, many still live with their parents, which you gotta admit can be a pain creatively…….. unless your niche happens to be death metal in which case your mums constant nagging would a source or creativity.

so i think i’m gonna start an art gallery/workshop type thing.

something along the lines of the meat packing district in NY, or camden as it was in the 60’s,…… shitty warehouses, stripped and cleaned and leased out to artists and designers and musicians. big space for cheap rent.

oh and art galleries are tax free πŸ˜›


i know ,…. capitalist pig blah blah blah,….


oink, oink motherfucker!

if i can manage to group several different disciplines under one roof,…. the orgy of creativity should result in an explosion of artistic ejaculate, coating the currently stale egg that is commercial culture,….. hopefully impregnating this city with a bastard child of drug and mamak (street food) induced music and design.

or i might have to declare bankruptcy.

either way it looks like its gonna be fun, and either way i’ve got alot of homework still to do.

i also managed to cram in alot of sight seeing. friends from japan came over, and being the definition of japanese tourists, they wanted to see all the stuff in the guide books.

they knew more about this city than i did!

so yeah,….. the twin towers was just alright,…. you cant go to the top to it was meh,….

batu caves,… 271 steps up a steep incline doesnt sound like much,…. until my legs started to burn with lactic acid only half way up. they should put a startbucks at the halfway line,…. theyd make so much money!

definately something to see tho.

genting,…. casino on a hill, nice place, nice weather, was all misty and shit, but it was like going to another country weather wise. we took the cable car up, and got enveloped in the dense mountain fog.

someone really ought to make a horror movie set in a cable car, halfway up the mountain, in dense fog so you cant see 5 feet outside the car,….. i’d shit my pants if something went bump in the night and i was stuck in a cable car that wasnt moving.

speaking of which,….

the food is great here,… you can have a full meal for like 500 fils, and i mean full, with drink and be stuffed. the next day of course your arse will call you all sorts of vile names as you expel the previous night’s dinner.

but its too cheap for me to complain πŸ˜› and it does taste pretty good,….even tho it might not look to great.

there seems to be an inverse law at work here,…… the more disgusting it looks, the better it tastes,……. and if anyone has had beef noodles at a street stall here,.. then you know what i mean. my first time i thought,…. damn a cat had diarrhea on my noodles WTF!

i gotta get me a camera phone so i can take picks next time.

well i think i’ll wrap things up for now.

i’m still not used to blogging from a public place,…. but i am getting used to it.

starbucks has free wifi.

and the funny thing is that even shitty street cafes, the ones run by a 90 year old chinese man, with plastic chairs, and 30 year old plastic tables, waiters in flipflops with a ciggie hanging out the side of their mouths,…. even those places have free wifi.

its a bloody bizarre country,….. but it fuckin rocks!

oh and i’m off to japan for abit in one months time too,…. i cant fucking wait πŸ˜€

time to go back to my flat and expel last nights supper,…..



  1. rofl.

    oy. not meeting up???

    btw, i’m so gonna link you now. seems like i’m even too lazy to look through my bookmarks.

    and then you can rest ur case abt international readership.

  2. Sknk, are you on your honeymoon????

  3. bodicea, it’d be great to meet up.

    i’m staying in times square at the moment, so if youre ever in the area give me a ring, or let me know a day in advance thru here.

    will email you my number.

    expat,….LMFAO!…honeymoon?!,… where’d you get that idea from?

    hahaha, that made me laugh πŸ˜›

  4. a3beer,
    i’m in malaysia πŸ˜›

  5. 😐
    lol. creative 10 days you’ve had!

  6. My heart almost stopped when I read that honey moon comment!

    Malaysia sound great except for the food expelling experience!

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