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the only good thing about not knowing what youre doing is that you dont have stuff to unlearn. theres no institutional imperative that blocks your mind from possible alternatives.
the downside however is that you wind up at a cross roads like one in the picture above.
i think it was Buffett that said investing was like being at bat without the 3 strikes. basically he means that you wait for the perfect pitch before you swing,…. and the thing is that you dont have to swing, it isnt 3 strikes and youre out.
theres so much to do, so much that can be done, and so much that should be done………
but that doesnt really help me here.
interesting thing was that i had a japanese friend come down from tokyo last week. shes in the fashion business so we went around isetan, sungei wang, and a stupid amount of other malls.
i’d be happy to not see another mall for the rest of my life,……
ummm except for the fact that i currently live in one……..
think muthana complex on steroids,… actually its more like muthana complex snorted a line of coke, popped a dozen prozacs, downed a case of redbull and just got injected in the ass with steroids,……
then you get times square in malaysia.
and its not even the largest one in the country.
decisions, decisions.
i think i’ll be a lard ass and take my time. maybe fly to japan to check out whats going on there.
the one thing i cant get my head around is that, now that i’m in malaysia, those far off exotic places arent that far off anymore. japans only 6 hours away for about US$300!
hanoi, angkor wat, beijing, tokyo, hong kong and even bloody australia is just a short skip and a hop away now.
i love this neighbourhood.
its funny watching the news about the middle east from here.
there is a distance, and i’ve always understood how people never really understood the effects arab political events have on them, whether theyre in NY, London or Tokyo.
for all the tribal and sectarian strife going on in the middle east, it appears that many cant see the forrest for the trees as it were. as silly as it may sound,…. everyone ought to be sent somewhere “safe”, and then forced to watch news of the arab world on tv,…. then forced to lead a “normal” life in that safe country for a while.
ok i’m doing a shit job of trying to explain what i mean,… but the closest thing i can think of is astronauts going up for the first time, seeing the world, and coming back fully pissed off at the human race for trying to suck this planet dry, and bickering over petty shit, when all you want to do is live and have kids and die old, which, surprise surprise just happens to be what your enemy wants too.
i’ll admit one thing tho:
its unsettling not having to worry about wars and politics that could actually kill you.
haha i think i need a shrink,….


  1. you talking about watching the middle eastern politics, the truth, and whatnot reminds me of Plato’s Cave and the Matrix.

    I just wanna live peacefully in Zion

    p.s. since we’re gonna meet tomorrow, i would like to throw a disclaimer for the photos in my blog.

    My photos can be misleading!! DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEEht

  2. lol ah well i’m not as articulate as my writing might have you believe 😛
    i tend to grunt and grummble more 😛
    so i guess we;re even then 😀

  3. Where you planning on living in Malaysia back then?

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