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and the moaning begins,……

  • the sheer amount of food on offer in this country is simply astounding,….. i’ve been here, what now, going on four weeks?….. i can honestly say i have never had the same thing twice! infact i dont think i’ve even eaten in the same restraunt twice,…. with the exception of this starbucks i’m sitting in.
  • and its soooooooooo damn cheap! ,……… but naturally not really good for you as alot of street food is drenched in oil and MSG.
  • i think i ‘m definately getting older as well,…. all this clubbing is starting to take its toll on me. but then i guess its a case of been there done that,… which i have and been.
  • the one thing that this place does have in common with other places is that there is a complacency that descended along with the establishment of a middle class. theres alot of “no that wont work here” or ” malaysians just dont think like that” and tonnes of “well, we’re different.”
  • well so is every other fucking country! so quit bitching already and do what you wanna do cos there are shittier and much more dictatorial places you could have been born in.
  • theres alot that can be done here, and they do have their fair share of raw talent,…. the only thing is that it obviously doesnt really pay off here, so everyones had to get day jobs, which naturally means that no one is there to fully focus all their energy into their endevours. which is fair enough i suppose,… bills do have to be paid.
  • musicians are a bunch of elitist bitches if you ask me.
  • and heres why:
  • ok so theres “paying your dues” and then theres being “tight ass motherfuckers”, and from what i’ve both seen and heard, the vast majority of established and semi-established artists make up the latter.
  • you would think, that having gone thru all the shit of trying to establish yourself, youd then try and make it easier for kids only just comming up. instead they seem to fear the talented, and make them pay their dues as well.
  • ok i’m not talking about myself cos basically i dont qualify to be called a “kid” anymore,… saddly ( wahh wahh motherfucker)
  • i’ve met mc’s, dj’s, beatmakers and turntablists that simply blew my mind with the level to which they have mastered their particular craft,…. alot of them good enough to play on their own and make a decent living out of it.
  • instead, they play for free, at events organised by the so called “old timers” or “big names” because they assume that the big asses are doing them a favour,…. its like, you better be greatful you lil shit !………. and all this while the big names are getting paid to simply organise crappy events.
  • now i dont know about anyone else, but doesnt that sound just wrong?
  • shouldnt they be helping the kids out?
  • this is a bloody expensive hobby as it is, so even a little bit of cash as a thank you would go a long way. “free drinks” as payment sucks ass, no two ways about it.
  • its almost as if they want the kids comming up to give up cos this music business doesnt put food on their table, while the old timers are getting paid.
  • and there is also the fact that the old timers simply lose relevance as they get older. i’ll admit that i myself am not really in touch with the street as much as i used to be, say back in the UK.
  • perhaps this paying your dues thingy is a way for the old timers to stretch out their decaying status for as long as possible before they become truelly irrelevant.
  • its just one of those things that really annoys me cos ethically, its as ethical as a catholic priest in the boy’s shower room.
  • basically playing for free, and thinking theyre doing you a favour is the equivalent of being anally raped and thanking the rapist for the opportunity.
  • this shits gotta change,….
  • i’ve always wondered about people who got old and refused to let someone else take the reigns, be they politicians or CEO’s. there comes a point in everyones life where you gotta ask yourself if you really know what youre doing, and if maybe someone younger might do a better job. i never understood people who fought to stay where they are until they died.
  • haha, who woulda thought i’d be getting into the entertainment business?!
  • i’m not quite sure that i will yet,…
  • sknkwrkz records,…… it does have a nice ring to it dont you think ? 😛


  1. “sknkwrkz records,…… it does have a nice ring to it dont you think?”

    Yep. sounds great.

  2. hehehe cheers expat 😛

  3. I’m lost!
    Did you just forgot about all these plans or you never mentioned them?

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