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mobile blogging kicks ass!

free wifi where ever you go in malaysia!
it fucking rocks 😛

right now i’m on my way back to kuwait. just being able to surf and mess about until you board the plane makes a huuuuuge difference.

i wonder what the guy looking over my shoulder will think if i surfed for some hardcore porn 😛

or maybe i should visit 😀


so yeah heading back to kuwait for a quick one month stay. i’ll definately be looking forward to some nice dry weather, driving my own car,…

oh and cheap and tasty hummous!

thats really the only thing that i miss really 😛

i gotta learn how to make it, so reminder to self,… knock on palestinian neighbours door to learn about making hummous.

full flights get annoying sometimes, but flying into the middle east is always interesting cos youre bound to sit next to someone who’s on their first trip, be it business, transit, or pilgrimage.

half the time tho, especially if youre flying in form SE asia, you might wind up sitting next to a first time maid overseas person who doesnt speak english. it gets depressing when you cant even warn them of whats in store for them if theyre unlucky.

but enough social commentary,…. its 230am and i feel like brushing up on alqaeda’s latest airplane disaster plans,….. or perhaps a neonazi site would be in order 😀

see you in kuwait.



  1. Heya! How’s it going? (redundunt question, I know, but I had to ask) 😛 Your post caught my eye ‘cuz I’ve been meaning to go sight-seeing (the usual touristy stuff :P) in KL but naturally, things fell apart. Although I did go online, and found numerous Malaysian Blogs and stuff. Twas fun hehe Your account of the trip was interesting, fun to read, and also informative. God, re-reading that sentence, it sounds so cliche… and I sound like such a dork. Well I assure you, I’m not 😛 Seriously, it’s good to know that the Batu caves are kinda’ hard to get to ‘cuz if I ever do go, I’d know enough to leave the ‘rents behind. Also humidity = stock up on lotsa’ hair-care products 😛 Did you by any chance visit China Town or the Central Market? If so, details… please. Gonna make it a point to visit KL this year, for sure. About what the older musicians do the younger ones… sucks! ‘Cept, I heard from someone that the same thing is being done in Egypt. Not just music-wise. Old talent tries to squash new talent. Actually, that’s kinda’ happening everywhere really. Well-known musician refused to go on-stage if newbie-talent is also included in the show. Sucks. *shrugs* Did I mention that it sucks? 😛 Am I making any sense? Hope so 😛 Nice to know about wifi being available everywhere. Anyways, by now you’ll prolly be in Kuwait (after a 10+ hour flight… yes I did my homework) so 7imdilla 3ala ill salama 🙂 Laters

  2. haha you certainly did do your homework!

    hows about you list down some places, and i’ll do a post on them, including the central market and china town,….. cos chances are i cant recall everywhere i’ve been 😛

    and thanks for the welcome back 😀

  3. Though I’m not Persian, my stepfather is, and let me tell you…I really miss all the food he made, including the hummous!

    I know it’s super easy to make, so long as you don’t live in Japan where getting dried chickpeas (ground or not) is kindof…difficult.

  4. hey charity,

    you know, a bunch of japanese i’ve met over the years have said the same thing when i mention that i grew up in the middle east. alot of them try hummous in london or NY then have a hard time finding it in japan.

    i actually promised oneof them i’d learn how to make it before my trip.

    hmmm,… there just might be a market for japanese hummous, perhaps made from something other than chickpeas if they are that hard to find.

  5. Actually, my father is Persian and makes hummous from canned chickpeas. I found some at a store here in Japan, and I’m going to try to make hummous using neri goma… don’t know if it’s quite the same as tahini, but good luck finding that here..

    Now the only problem is the lack of a blender! ;D

  6. hmmm neri goma sounds like it might work but yeah not exactly tahini.

    lol you gona have a hard time finding a blender in japan 😛

  7. Welcome back, Skunk! Staying long?

  8. thanks expat,… just here for a few weeks before heading back.

    might even be heading to japan too 😛

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