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Gina Loring kicks some serious ass.

if you missed her trio performing at the Al Kout mall last night, you have one last chance to catch them at the Sharq mall tonight.
1800 – 2100 somewhere in the Sharq mall.
get there early cos i’m pretty sure word has already spread, and besides sharq’s traffic is always shitty on a thursday night anyway.
i’ll admit i didnt expect much, since acts performing in a mall are normally nothing to write home about especially since mall acoustics tend to really suck ass.
but goddamn!
shes got an amazing voice, and supremely moving lyrics and poetry.
the beatboxer, joshua silverstein was brilliant too. at times i actually forgot that there wasnt a drumkit. ( beatboxers are people who use their mouths to generate percussion and rythm).
most impressive was the keyboardist who managed to get the meager crowd clapping in time. considering that most of the crowd were of the geezy variety who just happened to be in the mall trawling for girls to harrass, i think you’ll agree that that was quite a challenge.
there ws also a guest slot where a local kuwaiti guy beatboxed with silverstein. while hes got alot of work to do on his delivery, as some of his parts were too low, too loud, or simply out of time, i think it was nerves that got the better of him. still well done dude.
if you already have plans tonight, blow them off and go watch the show.
you can always do your drinking, sheesha-ing, weekend bullshitting next week πŸ˜›
one thing i did find funny was this:
the rap gangsta wannabe kids were there, with their ‘tupac had sex with armani and went back to 1995’ look. i have no idea how the band managed to perform without bursting into massive fits of laughter!
i’m pretty sure the irony of ghetto-ized and hood-ized wannabe’s in one of the worlds wealthiest nations didnt escape gina loring’s attention.
she did, after all do a track that went “fancy things dont mean a thing” .
definately one of the best performances i’ve seen anywhere, the band were tight as a big thing in a really small place that you cant squeeze out of even if you covered yourself with washing liquid.
man i suck at writing reviews,…. so much for writing for rolling stone. 😦
go see them, and buy their cd’s to support real talent in this world. if nothing else they’ll want to come back simply off the sales of their cd’s.
i got both gina lorings compilation and silversteins beatbox ep, both of which i’m sure will have a permanent place in my mp3 player.
actually i think i might go again tonight πŸ˜› .

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