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“I think i’m turning Japanese”.

  • well, not anymore or less than i already am.

    but this godzilla’s heading home for the first time in 20 years. just a short visit, but a monumental event nonetheless.

  • being atleast 50% obsessive compulsive, obsessive compulsive, obsessive compulsive, i tend to do literally days upon days of research on whatever it is i’m about to do, be it a new purchase (three weeks reading reviews of my new soundcard) or purchasing more stock of a company i already own ( atleast three weeks of international phone calls and annual reports).

  • so yeah i’ve spent the past week on my pc researching japan. well ok i say “researching” when most of it was really reading blogs of expats living in japan. its always the best way of getting to know a country before landing there.
  • the results of my “research”?
  • its been bitter sweet to say the least. you see i’ve never really cared about what happened in japan since i never thought i’d ever be back there for any long period of time. but since i’m thinking of spending about 3-6 months there soonish, strange feelings have crept in:
  • i’m excited about arriving and not looking for the “foreign passport” line,…. for the first time in my life πŸ˜› ( i dont remember much from my last trip at the age of 9).
  • i’m hyped about checking out tokyo’s underground hip hop scene!
  • i’m fearful that where i’ll be staying might only have arabic style toilets,….. how bizarre that two cultures as different as the arab and the japanese,….. still use the same toilets !

  • ummm, the instructions, however, makes it look like they use it backwards compared to here,…. unless i’ve been doing it wrong here too!
  • i know this much, despite this being a “going home” of sorts, i’ll never be a “local” since i dont even speak the language,…. but that i’m pretty much used to anyway πŸ˜›
  • i suck at trains. i really dont know why cos lets face it theyre hardly the most complex modes of transport,… but i always get on the wrong one, and tokyo’s railmap truelly instills pants-soiling fear. it is offset by my greater sense of adventure tho πŸ˜€

  • the london undeground aint got shit on tokyo!
  • the bullshit that comes with japanese social niceties does my head in. it always has and always will do,…. i’m betting i’ll blow up at someone within one week πŸ˜› and if not i’ll wind up doing something really offensive πŸ˜€ oh well πŸ˜›
  • japanese politics,… i’ve been reading alot about the current state of affairs there, and i gotta say, as infuriating as politics is in the middle east, japan’s politicians are really starting to piss me off, and i havent even booked my flight yet! its not that theyre anymore moronic than they are anywhere else, but it has become obvious that we have our own version of tabtabei,… simply replace religion with rascist nationalism. there was a book recently published blaming most of japan’s crime on foreigners. its so repulsive that i refuse to publicise it on my blog. it basically blamed the “foreigners” for rapes, scams and “stealing our women”.

  • no one understands when i say yes, the japanese are “polite” but not nice. perhaps they’ll get it now.
  • i might just have to drop the music production in favour of the microphone and become a political mc (rapper). i wonder if there is a japanese public enemy,….
  • the food i’m looking forward to πŸ˜›

  • oh i’m soooo looking forward to it!

  • so yeah i’m thinking of getting to know the country, travelling thru it and maybe seeing what the stock market is like over there. ( watch the chinese market for a bursting bubble that might affect the world soon πŸ˜› )

  • someone mentioned that i ought to do some english lessons to make a bit of cash, cos lets face it, its bloody expensive there, and ok, english lessons are probably the easiest thing i could do to make some lunch money πŸ˜€
  • KD5- 10 an hour apparently,….. dude, thats just easy money!
  • then again a coke probably costs something stupid like KD1,……

  • i’m definately getting myself a camera phone for this trip πŸ˜›

(oh and hold your goodbyes πŸ˜› i’m not going till march-ish, and just being back in kuwait for a week has given me a load of bitching and moaning material i have yet to blog about πŸ˜› )



  1. So you still have a few weeks of obsessively and compulsively doing research? You sound like a hamster on a wheel!

    It’s going to be great. It’s going to be awful. It’s going to be like life everywhere, and also very different.

    But you’ll do fine, Skunk. It’s going to be exciting, and I think you will thrive.

  2. lol yeah expat a hamster on a wheel in my big desk chair πŸ˜›

    should be fun, and i’m definately looking forward to getting culture shocked πŸ˜›

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