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  • hmmm what if,…….
  • and if not me, then who,…..
  • and if not now, then perhaps someone else will,…..
  • so why dont i?
  • i mean whats the worst that could happen?
  • and so what if i dont really know what i’m doing, i’m sure to pick things up along the way……
  • fuck it! i’m doing it!!!
  • or not,….
  • thats pretty much how my life unfolds…….
  • so everyday theres something new, something i’ll have to hmmmmm about. and while its pretty exciting, and definately alot more “funner” than alot of other things i could be doing,…… i think it’ll give my future wife several heart attacks and my kids will definately spend most of their lives in therapy ( the pansies!).
  • i think its the adrenaline junkie in me.
  • while i probably wont be caught dead at the top of a ski ramp looking down ( which is just silly), and while you might not find me find me free climbing a cliff ( seriously, getting dumped in a whorehouse with no condoms would be safer),…….
  • there is a certain amount of adrenaline that comes with turning your life upside down every couple of years.
  • eternal expats know this.
  • the thrill of something new, fresh new soil youve never thought of stepping on, places you never thought youd go, things you never thought youd touch let alone eat!
  • and with all the travelling comes the realisation that it really takes very little to put a smile upon your face.
  • all you really need is money in the bank, your passport and a flexible mind.
  • cos if you keep your witts about you, you’ll stummble onto some pretty interesting things far from the tourist trails.
  • theres nothing like celebrating eid al fitr in singapore with a bunch of bengali construction workers in the slums that their employers house them in.
  • there was nothing scarier than an old man dragging me thru the back alleys of manilla, over open sewers, in between corrugated iron sheet houses, past several whore houses,… just so he could show me his house and talk a little bit of english to his little boy and girls.
  • eating hummous and grilled carp in a baghdad restraunt with old old friends like the 15 year gap never existed. you forget that theres a war outside,… if youre lucky.
  • getting lost in the streets of macau and stummbling onto the best bakery in the world, run by this old man who baked in his underwear.
  • going camping in the welsh countryside with no supplies except for a couple bottles of cheap whiskey and kingsize bars of chocolate, in january!…… to this day i really have no idea what we were thinking.
  • flexibility must be the key to happiness.
  • consider this, we get pissed off and discontented when things dont go our way,…. ever think that maybe things werent meant to go your way?
  • if thats the case,…. then who knows what’ll happen as a result of you taking the left fork in the road instead of the right one which you “planned” to take.


  1. Well said….
    Funny…i was stll going through ur blog and reading ur previous posts when u posted this one…

    i like ur blog, ur funny, and smart…

    i wish ya all the best in japan

  2. i envy your lifestyle with a passion

  3. cheers for the kind words puppylove 😀

    as the post implied, i’ll be heading elsewhere first for work before japan. oh well should be fun none the less.

    hey dodes, you sure thats german? i just figured that it looked odder than german but not as weird as eastern european, not quite scandanavian ( lol like i know what that looks like),… so i just concluded dutch or danish.

  4. interesting…

  5. Skunk, it IS German.

    We all envy your passion for life-style!

  6. Hey!
    What’s with the new template, I hate change!

  7. cheers for the confirmation xpat,… language was never my strong point :p

    lol Blue, change is good 😀

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