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with the exception of one or two bloggers almost no one has written about the liberation.

  • infact, from the activity on the aggregator theres been alot of:
  • “whoohoo long vacation!”
  • “bastards at work not giving me saturday off boofuckinghoo,”
  • “i’m going to be a moron and express myself thru the creative media of shaving foam!”
  • “check out my flags and shit on my car,…. you so want me dont you?!”
  • “the new mall is open! whoohoo lets all increase our credit card debt!”
  • only 16 years, and yet how quickly you forget.
  • Liberation day isnt about the day you got your country back.
  • Liberation day is about the few who stood and fought while the rest of you were being put up in hotels paid for by your own government.
  • so heres to:
  • the allies that fought on your behalf, for ideas that those who ran away will never understand.
  • the brave resistance men and women that stayed and fought for an ungreatfull nation.
  • the brave men and women that died for an ungreatfull materialistic nation.
  • the soldiers that came simply because it was their job, when so many ran from their own country.
  • the soldiers that died, oh how they must be turning in their graves when you protested about getting your loan waived.
  • the expats that stayed and stood in solidarity.
  • the egyptian, palestinian, philipino, indian (etc, etc) medical staff that worked non stop for 7 months for no pay,……. and for no compensation or acknowledgement afterwards either.
  • our palestinian neighbours, wherever they may be now, who always distracted the iraqi soldiers that came to our front door.
  • the bedu who worked for the co-op and who supplied us and other expats with food so we wouldnt risk arrest and deportation to iraq as human shields.
  • our kuwaiti friend who was a fireman, he would drive his truck around town filling up peoples water tanks when the iraqis shutdown the water supply.
  • our kuwaiti friend who bicycled all the way from rawda, through several iraqi/palestinian check points to deliver a couple of chickens for us to eat.
  • as for the rest of you,……
  • meh, fuck it i cant be bothered, besides with the way youre going, your nation will cease to be within a couple of generations, so maybe youre right, get it while its hot and enjoy it while you can.
  • if you dont think it can happen, learn from history,……
  • angkor wat in cambodia had a population of 1 million at a time when london only totalled 10,000………… and yet they disappeared into the jungle when they used up all their resources.
  • easter island was once stupidly prosperous that they had nothing better to do than spend countless years carveing those heads,…… they fucked too much, got too many and depleted their resources.
  • the mayans,… ditto.
  • the pharoahs,… ditto.
  • the romans,….ditto.
  • apart from some political turmoil, which comes from not enough for the many, and external invasions/interference, cos they didnt have the resources to nip them in the bud,…… they all crummbled cos of two things:
  • they got lazy,
  • and used up what they had.
  • congrats kuwait youre already halfway there !
  • 😛


  1. Did you see Don Veto’s blog – he created a video for Liberation Day. You’d like it.

  2. yeah i just checked it out,… ahhh the memories!

  3. You always make it sound like it wasn’t that hard for you during the invasion! But after reading this I understand why you hate Kuwaitis that much!

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