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Monthly Archives: March 2007

with almost everyone i know asking me about the stock market over the past couple of weeks, i figured this is probably the best time to write this.

while there have literally been thousands upon gajjillions of books written on the wonders of the stock market and the art of speculation, there are a few things that not many of them actually say. these few things are vital and they are the things that will determine how well you actually do, or if youre wife is gonna wind up leaving you when you propose the sale of your youngest child saying ” well we’ve only had him for 2 years, you cant be that attached to him!”

there are tonnes of books out there that will teach you how not to shoot yourself out of boredom while reading a company’s financial report. and just as many that will teach you how to time your entry based on the wiggles of the charts or the phase of the moon or what colour top that cute weather girl was wearing on the second thursday of may in 2003.

and no doubt, one of the best ways to having a go at the market is to spend lots and lots of dollars on those books. if you know nothing about it, then i’m afraid thats what youre gonna have to do. consider it tuition fees,….. and consider your first major losses tuition fees as well. cos believe me you will have them.

an its all because people go into the markets not fully understanding exactly what it is.

and the beauty of it is that the market is what you make it.

someone once wrote that the market is where adults become children again. truer words were never spoken. it is the one place that people think will make them better than the others. cos lets face it your dead end government job aint exactly gonna buy you that mansion in the bahamas.

its where adults daydream. infact i’d even go so far as to say its a bloody dream factory. every movement makes new ones, but whether they make happy happy dreams or manifest horrible nightmares is up to what you make of the market. 

before you even think of buying that first book that promises to make you millions while youre in your pyjamas based solely on the readings of tea leaves and moon phases, consider these points:

the money youre going to invest,….. you better not need it tomorrow for your kids education. you also better not need it tomorrow for your gas or groceries. i also hope that it didnt come out of your retirement fund, and if it did i hope it isnt too much. oh and one more thing, i really,really,really hope you didnt go and get a loan to play the market.

the funds that you use must be excess cash. stuff that you want to see grow a little faster than in a fixed deposit or savings account. and youve got to have more than enough to not worry about your daily life if the market happens to turn against you. and here i’m not talking about having thousands or millions. if you can only spare a couple hundred, then start with only a couple hundred,… but that couple hundred has got to be what i said it should be,… money you dont need today or tomorrow.

if you can comfortably check that off your list then go on to the next thing:

“the market is where adults become children again”,….. remember that? ok, sooo,…..

if you think you’ll be able to get in on something early and ride the wave till youve trippled your money overnight, and get out before it crashes…. then go away and come back when youve grown up.

if youve already got a shopping list of stuff for your spouse, kids, yourself,…… then go away and come back when youve grown up.

if you think the market will help you pay off your credit card debts,……then go away and come back when youve grown up.

if you think that you’ve read everything there is to read, youve paper traded what you think is a winning system (hint hint there is none), youre certain that everyone else is a moron even tho youve not put a single cent into the market,…….then go away and come back when youve grown up.

if you think youre smart and nimble enough to not take a major hit atleast once, twice or maybe even three times in your first six months,…..then go away and come back when youve grown up.

oh and even worse, if you think that the market works on rules that make sense and if you cant accept that other people will think your ideas stink, …..then go away and come back when youve grown up.

and if you think i’ll just go in until i make this much then i’ll get out,…..then go away and come back when youve grown up,….. cos you’ll always come back whether you win or lose, so dont kid yourself.

if you dont like being a loner, and always have to ask someone else’s opinion about a stock,…..then go away and come back when youve grown up.

cos you see, nothing will prepare you for the markets.

there is no paper trading course that will realistically ‘simulate’ losing your hard earned cash. and theres no course taught by any guy that is really worth going to, cos surely if he really knew what he was talking about then he’d be too busy making money on the market to teach you.

the only preparation you can make is inside your mind. and using money that is all yours and that you dont need right now will be vital to the mental discipline needed to play this game with even the slightest degree of success.

oh and one more thing,….

its not about the money.

thats what i’m trying to say.

what is required is a collectors mindset.

whether you want it to be about collecting great companies at great prices, or if its about collecting dollars like your neighbour collects shot glasses from all the countries he goes to on holiday,…. thats what it really is about.

ok now you can go and buy that book about predicting stock prices based on the degrees of bitchiness your girlfriend experiences during her period.


oh and one more thing,…. if youre one of those people that blame social obligations for your expenses, meaning:

– you need to go on holiday cos if you dont your neighbour will think youre broke.

– you need to drive a big car or your neighbour will think youre broke.

– you need to get your long lost family members expensive gifts or they and your spouses friends will think youre broke.

(how sweet the irony that you get yourself in debt via credit cards and loans so as not to appear broke!)

well, forget it. seriously, be content knowing that you’ll forever be in debt no matter how much money you make on the market cos you will always live beyond your means.

if you manage not to lose your shirt.

live within your means, and your life will be much richer for it.

and so will your bank account 😛


i used to wear my hair long in the early 90’s as a kid of the grunge movement that came out of seattle and took over the world for a few short years. i kicked off my sneakers for a pair of black  military boots, and went shopping for the requisite lumberjack looking table clothe looking shirt. you had to love the raw energy and angst that came with nirvana and pearl jam, and even tho we were thousands of miles away from seattle, kids all over the world identified with the music.

then kurt cobain went and shot himself. (or maybe someone else had him shot.)

pearl jam went and got all artsy fartsy on us.

and chris cornell and soundgarden started making pop music.

rage against the machine stayed the same and stopped evolving,.. then eventually disbanded.

i did hop onto the hiphop train.

i hiphoped on and off 😛

and with the current state of bullshit hiphop doing the rounds, i’ve decided to walk instead of ride. i wouldnt be caught dead on some lame ass blingbling train.

house never really did it for me. for some reason it always seemed rather effeminate. and altho i did briefly enjoy waving glowsticks in one drunken stupor or another, it always left me hollow.

strangely i didnt even take to drum & bass when it was underground and kicking off in the UK while i was there. atleast nothing much beyond the roni size and goldie stuff, or grooverider on bbc radio 1.

but holy crap this shit is great!

if you like uptempo stuff but the bog standard crap on mtv leaves you wondering what happened to the music.

if you think emo kids need a bloody haircut, a slap in the face and a loud yelling of “cheer the fuck up!”…..

if youve decided that you cant take another watered down “rock” band who have manicures and are older than your dad, or still too young to drink,…..

if you cringe at the sight of 16 year olds who go to private schools, in a chauffeur driven car, who are anything other than black, who have probably never even spoken to an african american but dress like they came out of a south central LA ghetto,….

then check this out:

you wont really appreciate it until youre in a club with massive speakers, so try and get to one the next time youre overseas.

just wait till the huge subwoofers start battering you with the “bass” bit of the drum&bass. you’ll feel like the music is vibrating in your bones, and coursing thru your colon,….. (careful if you drink too much and have a weak sphincter).

youre gonna love the way you “feel” the shockwaves of the sub bass tones a split second after you hear the bass kick in. its almost as if the dj is reaching inside your ribcage and pumping your heart for you at speeds of 170 bpm.

and the amazing thing is that it doesnt even matter that you’ve never heard the tune before, cos you’ll know the general beat, and the bass sounds, and the shockwaves. so unlike other types of music where you go “WTF is he playing?”, you simply wont care.

it can be aggro and all “arraAARRGGHHHH!!!!” or as chilled as a spliff at the end of a night, even at speeds of 170bpm, depending on what youre into.

its one of the last forms of music where there is very little “superstar dj” type shit going on, altho how long that will last is anyones guess. but it is certainly one of the last genres where the emphasis is on the music and not on what the hell theyre wearing, who they are or who theyre dating.

the funny thing is that some of the producers look hard as nails and yet put out chilled out dnb, while some of the meekest looking ones put out the hardest hitting of the stuff.

give it a shot, you wont be sorry 😛

oy vey!

i’m posting this on here so that it shows up on safat. hopefully someone will forward this to the idiots who run the arab times so that perhaps one day in the near future they will actually improve the calibre of their financial reporters.

john matthews i’ve always found annoying. he constantly manages to muck up the daily market reports by either typo-ing something vital or completely missing out some vital piece of information.

and if that was just it then maybe it wouldnt be so bad, but noooooooooooo, he then decides to draw opinions which he then publishes, which of course are wrong since he’s missing a big piece of the picture.

case in point:

“MTC jumped 100 fils today(about a week ago) on heavy volume because they have decided to pay out 100 fils in dividends.”

ummmm, ok, not exactly wrong, but what he failed to mention was that they had also agreed to award shareholders with bonus free shares of 50%. meaning for every 2 shares you have, they’ll give you one free.

now surely that would make you move your ass and buy more MTC shares rather than the 100 fils cash payout! especially since the dividend yield on MTC without the free shares would be absolutely pathetic.

and then today there is this from a miss dahlia kholaif:

” During the meeting the General Assembly (of MTC) has approved a cash dividend of 100 fils per share while increasing the capital from KD 126 billion to KD 189 billion. ”

the state of kuwait as a country doesnt bloody make that much!

but atleast that could be called a typo. a bad typo,…. but still an honest typo, so i’m not calling miss dahlia kholaif a moron, altho she really should have checked her article.

i am however calling her bosses morons cos apparently NO ONE PROOF READ HER ARTICLE BEFORE IT WAS PUBLISHED!!!

its a good thing i only read the daily market reports cos i’m bored and looking for funny typos 😛


so sex sells 😛

which isnt new.

but daymn thats alot of people looking for “animal sex”.

hmmm,…. one wonders, were they looking for wild uninhibited human sex, or human animal sex or the mating techniques of giraffes?

and what the hell was the one ‘gotcha’ clicking person looking for?

ha haaaaa!

made you look 😛

since moving to wordpress i’ve been hooked on their “stats” features. its great, and the greatest thing is that its integrated into the damn thing.

so lazy ass me can not spend time learning how to embed those things into the html 😀

seeing who has come from where and how is pretty intrigueing, but so far i’ve only gotten the usual suspects and not many random people.

oh and theres also this tag thingy with which you categorise the post,…. mine are there >

i keep getting hits on bacon, pubic hair and idiots.

still nothing as bizarre as expats red mayonnaise jellyfish sex thing or what ever it was, i cant remember exactly.

so i’m gonna add a few and see who i get 😛

do leave a comment if its your first time here and you came by way of one of the tags on this.

i want to see just what people click on.

it would suck if this becomes one of those posts no one comments on.

oh and for those looking for the above mentioned sweaty porn torrents, just for your troubles i’ll pop up a couple of sites that are pretty good for ya too so it wasnt a wasted click 😛


the last of my stash of delicious swine has disappeared down my gullet.

sniff sniff.

you was a good lil side of pig while you lasted. 😦

no more pork till the next time i get to pass thru customs with a side of ham down my pants.