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zen and the stock market.

i had my blood pressure taken the other day.

turns out i have “thick blood”.

and a bit of hypertension.

but i’m guessing its more to do with my cholesterol level than what i do for a living.

before i got into the stockmarket in a meaningfull way, i used to run around like a headless chicken dealing with one mini-crisis after another on several different projects. knowing that they would all one day come to an end meant always hunting for the next project amidst the chaos of the current one.

so youd think dealing with the stock market would add to my stress wouldnt you?

its quite the opposite actually.

the market is where i can chill and relax, and be working at the same time. beats the beach by a mile!

infact the calming effect of the market even extends to calming my road rage šŸ˜›

let em explain,……

youre driving down the fahaheel express way (thats either the 30 or 40 for expats who’ve not been here more than 5 years šŸ˜› ),…..

its a perfect day, the sun is shinning, and the traffic aint to bad.


this 18-65 year old MORON decides to be all boy racer and zip in and out of traffic at 190 km/hr while chatting to friends on his mobile phone about him being a moron doing 190 km/hr on the fahaheel express!

he only just misses piling into your side as you swerve to avoid the bastard!


or is it?

well lets see,…

he’s on the phone and theres only 2 mobile carriers in kuwait. i own one stock and i own the parent company of the other, so either way hes spending money that will come back to me come dividend time. šŸ˜€

hmmm and thats a pretty expensive car he’s got there. chances are he’s taken a loan out to buy that car. well i happen to own shares in the leading bank here, plus i own shares in companies that own shares in the other banks and financial institutions here. so technically that moron works at his shitty job to repay the loan to one of banks who will be paying me a dividend. šŸ˜€

the fact that its a stupidly expensive car that he probably cant afford,…. well i’m getting paid for his stupid choice in cars too šŸ˜€

oooh expensive mobile phone,….. yup gotcha there too.

flashy clothes? ….. gotcha there too cos the shop you bought that gay looking shirt in pays rent to the mall that is owned by the company who’s shares i hold šŸ˜€

ahh he has that gay emo hairstyle that requires quite abit of hair gel to keep in place,…. i should look into buying l’oreal shares.

and breaking the speed limit?

gotcha there too,…… go on blow your hard earned (hahaha! yeah right!) salary driving around town aimlessy, gizzing i think its called, cos every ounce of fuel you burn you’ll have to buy again at one of the stations whose shares i own too šŸ˜€

ahhhh,…… nice and calm, like a butterfly on a coconut husk floating in the clear blue sea off the coast of bali…….

so yeah, if you work in kuwait, be you kuwaiti or expat, then chances are youre working to pay for my next holiday šŸ˜€

umm but wait, i work here too, and i’m a consumer too,….

or am i?

well yeah of course i am, but there is one other advantage to working on the stock market, something that makes life alot easier,….

i use a mobile phone ( who doesnt?) but owning shares in the company makes my bill zero cos they pay me dividends at the end of the year. i just have to adjust my gains for the year, but thats no money out of my pocket.

i shop at the sultan centre,….. same thing.

i watch showtime,…. same thing

i live in a building owned by a listed company,….

etc, etc, etc,……

life doesnt get easier when you make more money, afterall biggie always said mo’ money mo’ problems.

but life does get easier when you dont have any expenses.

and there in lies what i believe to be the key to building wealth.

reduce your life to the bare minimum, so that youre comfortable, but also not being frivolous with your expenses.

the pure salary i pay myself is pretty modest cos i’d rather have my money working than in my wallet. by contrast a banker friend of mine makes about 3 times as much as me, has nice things and a nice suit,…. but he’s always broke, and sometimes only fills his gas tank with KD1 even tho its bone dry. apparently he maxed out his credit card.

so it doesnt really matter how much you make, cos if you dont have equity in one form or another, you’ll always be whoreing yourself for money, and your boss will forever be pimping your ass out šŸ˜›

i just hope the moron didnt crash cos yeah i do own insurance stocks too and i’d hate for them to have to repay his stupidity. then again, insurance companies put your insurance money to work until you have an accident so chances are they made good money out of his money.

and if he does total his car,… mwuahahahaha,.. he shall need to buy another šŸ˜€

and afterall that you probably wont believe me when i say its not all about the money.

cos its really about control.

self control and out of control.

yin and yang.

so like i said,… a butterfly on a coconut in a clear ocean in bali,….

bali is where i’ll get out of control šŸ˜› hehehe

(and bali is where the balinese will make a living out of me being out of control, see, harmony :P)



  1. interesting ….

    so everyone around u is your slave, one way or another šŸ˜‰

  2. lol welcome to my blog šŸ˜€

    but technically yeah, youre right šŸ˜€

    the beauty of the market lies in teh fact that if you have the dough, even a little bit, anyone can do this too. (with only a couple hundred you could buy on the oddlot market too)

    its that simple cos i’m hardly the sharpest tool in the shed afterall šŸ˜›

  3. Beyond sharp, Skunk. Brilliant and self-disciplined, and a strong sense of who you are and where you want to end up . . .now to develop just a smidgeon of compassion. . .

  4. awww do i have to?


    maybe just a smidgeon šŸ˜›

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