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KEMS’s Blogger Blocking Spree

so KEMS blocked my ass last night. it lasted till early this morning.

(un?)fortunately it had nothng to do with my last post 😛

but you gotta wonder whats going on.

porn is normally blocked here, which certainly isnt news. and blog blocking isnt new news either. people following the elections here last year will recall a couple of blogs being blocked for revealing mass voter registration fraud and vote buying by people who are now in parliament.

blog blocking doesnt just happen as automatically as porn blocking.

someone “upstairs” has asked KEMS to make sure their blogblocking works.

with the current kuwaiti government in disarray,……

i wonder who the dude “upstairs” at KEMS got his instructions from.

and why the preparation for what looks like a “pre-emptive” blogblock?

maybe i’m just being paranoid.

then again, just because youre paranoid doesnt mean theyre not out to get you.

the skunk is now taking bets as to when the first kuwaiti/kuwait based blogger gets arrested and tried for speaking their mind.



  1. Blocking blogs such as ours is nonsense! I don’t really care much, to be honest when it comes to this issue since I have a wordpress blog now, but I have to admit the issue in general gets on my case especially due to the fact that MTC considers my blog as a porn site! I have no clue why but MTC blocks my site due to sexual conduct that I do not have on my site! 😛

  2. lol maybe someone at mtc is watching too much porn with the word “stallion” in the title 😛

    but yeah blocking a blog is incredibly stupid, and a symptom of something worse under their skin.

    then again atleast its not as bad as locking someone up for it as they did in egypt.

    then again how long before blocking here just isnt enough cos i’m sure that egypt, the dictatorship that it is , must have tried that.

  3. Keep your passport ready SKUNK, and a wad of cash to make your getaway to that island hide-away!

  4. hahaha!

    ummm why do you know something i dont huh huh huh?

    lol i better check outside my window for suspiscious looking deliver vans 😛

  5. the guys upstairs gets his instructions from god, dosent he?
    he goes to sleep and an angel visites him (or was it the devil)
    i dont know, but they cant be wrong, no no

  6. Disable word verification man, it is driving me crazy!

  7. eshqa3wa, lol depends on your definition of god i suppose:P

    grrr BIE, ok but i’m sending you all the spam i get 😛

  8. *shudders* I hope that day never comes. La tafawil!!

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