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i’ve always loved your pepperoni classic hand tossed better than pizza hut or papa johns or just about anywhere else. and thats why your 2 for 1 monday deals always made mondays a little easier.

i could happily have a crap or light lunch knowing full well that i’ll be happily satisfied come dinner time.

this evening, however, i was shocked to find that youve decided to switch pepperoni thingys. instead of those lil circles of spiced animal fat and various offcuts, you decided to cover your loverly dough and heavenly tomato sauce in strangely cut half slices of a larger type of pepperoni.

normally i’m all for change,… and i was hoping that perhaps youve decided to go with something better than what you had before.

saddly i was mistaken.

and bitterly disappointed by your decision to use the shittiest excuse for a pepperoni that has ever been made! i couldnt taste a bloody thing!

actually, if that were true that would have been better.

dear domino’s pizza, your pepperoni pizza now tastes like soggy cardboard dipped in tomato sauce. and not the good kind of cardboard either!

if domino was a real proper italian living being and not the result of a bunch of ad exec’s after a night of beer and pizza,…. then that lil italian domino would be rolling in his grave.

i do hope you do something about the millions upon millions of complaints that you will be getting about your cheap new pepperoni.

otherwise i’ll have to resort to pizza hut again,…

ughh,.. perish the thought!



  1. same thing happened to me and pepperoni happens ot be my favorite. now i switched to papa johns and am loving it. i suggest u do the same.

    Btw, congrats on the new blog!! 🙂 looks great!

  2. say what eshd3awa? 😛

    cheers fonz. i do prefer papa johns over pizza hut but it still aint no dominos 😛 but yeah i guess i will have to switch over now, the bastard cheapos!

  3. Woooo Hooooo Skunk, welcome to WordPress! We like the thin crust pizzas at Biella’s.

  4. oh no No NOO!!
    its happening again! comments vanishing!
    wordpress dontlike meeee

  5. xpat, wheres biellas? and thanks for the welcome to your neck of the woods 😛

    eshda3wa that one worked 😛

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