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i read this on cyberrowdy’s blog today.

“In a written proposal to parliament Waleed Al Tabtabai also demanded that all coffee shops in residential areas close before midnight.”


apparently tabtabai reckons all good muslims arent allowed to have fun and chill after midnight.

i wonder what the whole midnight thing is about,…. do islamists turn into pumpkins?

perhaps with shisha in their blood stream they turn into evil pumpkins.

he said that the reason for the ban is that its bad for your health.


then why not ban it completely?

cos he doesnt have the balls to call for a complete ban which would probably make his constituents think ‘hmmmm, maybe he is one swastika short of the third reich’.

does he really have nothing better to do with his time?

i mean seriously, he’s your MP,…..

do you think he’ll stop at shisha?


next it’ll be playstation and xbox cos they are made by those evil jews! (yeah apparently sony is controlled by jewish bankers,… lol go figure).

then it’ll be orbit cable tv for being immoral and controled by the jews! ( he wont touch showtime cos the amirs son owns that of course).

and then puppies cos theyre controlled by the jews who programmed them to infiltrate your home by being all cute and stuff!

and then kittens cos they are agents of satan,… obviously!!

and then women will be banned from eating shawarmas, bananas, chocolate bars, suck on anything with a straw, oh and lets not forget hotdogs of course cos theyre all just immoral!!!

but men will be fine to eat those,…. islamists have an odd take on gayness. i mean come on, you want boys to be with boys and girls to be with girls during their formative years, and wind up shocked that you still have gay children.

i’m surprised there arent more gay and lesbians here.

and i’m sure theyd be surprised at just how many are out there,….. who arent quite out yet of course.

so go ahead, let him get away being a prick and banning the one legal form of entertainment the average person on the street has here.

then everyone can get back to mixing industrial and medical alcohol in their cars and hit the streets drunk earlier 😀 !!!

atleast the shisha-ria’s kept them off the damn road till most people were home safe.

if you dont give them a place to do their drinking, in kuwait where do you think they will do it?

why do you think bakalas sell small bags of ice to cars all year round even in the middle of winter?



  1. bad for my health?

    awww how nice of him to be so conserned
    why dosent he send someone over to raid my kitchen and clean it from anything he deems unhealthy

    wats up with this guy?
    why does he always look like someone shoved something up somewhere where no shoving should be done?

  2. lol eshda3wa, no wonder he’s an ass, i wonder how long that broomstick has been up his ass 😛

  3. for quite a long time I presume. long enough for him to suggest something as absurd as that.

    LMAOF on the post. very witty 😀

  4. thank you thankyou 😛

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