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is  getting unruly.

how short do you keep your short and curlies?



  1. why are there no comments here!

    its a brilliant question i fink!

    ‘unruly’!! how gross…

    out of curiosity: Girls can go get a Brazilian/ Bikini wax at spas. What do guys do?

  2. i think theyre too shy cos their pubic hair is unruly as well 😛

    as for your question about what us guys do,…

    being straight and not one to frequent places with other naked men i wouldnt know 😛

    personally tho i tend to trim it down to varying degrees or go for a full shave. but i think a full shave looks abit odd even tho i did go out with a girl once who liked that,…. so yeah had a pretty itchy couple of months.

  3. and you didnt answer the question 😛

  4. haha! that’s because I wasn’t planning to! 😛

  5. awww ya no fun 😦

  6. they say that trimming is a good alternative of keeping it neat, if you don’t want to wax.

    shaving is a no-no? cuz it’ll look like you’re shagging your lil sis?

  7. yup trimming is a must if waxing aint your thing.

    shaving aint bad cos that look does hold a certain appeal 😛

  8. I have tried everything out there to keep shaven down there and I’m tired of getting burned or leaving bumps. Found a product on Ebay (cheap) that works great for pubic hair without the buring or bumps. Go to Ebay and do a search for pubic hair removal in the store of PlayfulElements. or try this link to their store you will love this stuff:

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