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i wonder if ahmadinejad has started shitting his diapers yet.

or perhaps this is all part of his cunning plan to provoke a war and then take the stage as the victim of yet more zionist american jewish banker aggression, or whatever the hell conspiracy his mind has cooked up this week.

details from cnn here.



  1. really u think the US needs provoking to go to war

    the world is a god dammed play station game to that country

    not that i agree with wat iran is doing, but the US aint no saint

    and cnn is so biasd

  2. true, but when you know your enemy is looking for any excuse siezing the marines was just plain dumb.

    i was actually pointing out the fact that it looks like things in iran has gotten so bad that he’s gotta resort to being a victim to keep his position and the country together and distract their attention.

    hitler, italy and japan did it during ww2. and bush certainly had that in mind.

    oh and every news station is biased 😛

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