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ha haaaaa!

made you look πŸ˜›

since moving to wordpress i’ve been hooked on their “stats” features. its great, and the greatest thing is that its integrated into the damn thing.

so lazy ass me can not spend time learning how to embed those things into the html πŸ˜€

seeing who has come from where and how is pretty intrigueing, but so far i’ve only gotten the usual suspects and not many random people.

oh and theres also this tag thingy with which you categorise the post,…. mine are there >

i keep getting hits on bacon, pubic hair and idiots.

still nothing as bizarre as expats red mayonnaise jellyfish sex thing or what ever it was, i cant remember exactly.

so i’m gonna add a few and see who i get πŸ˜›

do leave a comment if its your first time here and you came by way of one of the tags on this.

i want to see just what people click on.

it would suck if this becomes one of those posts no one comments on.

oh and for those looking for the above mentioned sweaty porn torrents, just for yourΒ troubles i’ll pop up a couple of sites that are pretty good for ya too so it wasnt a wasted click πŸ˜›



  1. Brilliant. I keep getting hits by people looking for images of Jason Priestly bizzarrely enough. I don’t ever remember blogging about Jason bloody Priestly let alone having a picture of him posted. Whatever. Maybe I should blog about porn next.

  2. lol you really should,..

    do a priestly porn blog.

    lol that should pull in the punters expecting a new celeb sex tape!

  3. Boobies got me! πŸ˜€

  4. lol figures L πŸ˜›

  5. Great experiment. Genius really.

  6. Here is what I find – the more tags, the more hits. Also, when you comment on other blogs, people come to check you out, and sometimes they come back. Mostly, we count on the regulars.

    The one search that found me that you were referring to was “is mayonnaise made of turkey sperm?” Can’t figure out how that got to my blog!

    Skunk, embedding is SO easy on WordPress. You copy the address of what you want to embed from your bar. You go to the post you are working on and click “Link” and then paste the embed’s address and click “OK.” Then quicly you type in some letters (which will eventually show up as blue hypertext)

    BE SURE TO CLICK “link\” or everything that follows it will be blue!

    Try it. It’s fun and it’s easy

  7. lol thats right it was turkey sprem hahaha.

    yeah i saw the how to embed youtube videos thingy,.. so easy compared to blogger!

    i’m still hooked on checkingmy stats everyday πŸ˜› and its especially interesting when you see someone is actually reading thru your previous posts, as someone did yesterday πŸ˜›

  8. I clicked on bobbies!
    I admit that I doubted the meaning but I wasn’t sure that it meant breasts!

  9. hahaha!

    i thought boobies was a universal term for breasts.

  10. I refuse to post a comment on this post skunk, for fear of looking like an animal porn pervert.

    Oh no, not me

  11. lmao, admit it you were looking for some zebra porn werent you?

  12. i went looking for the stuff that was listed. being rerouted here wuz a shock.

  13. i love u

  14. “i keep getting hits on bacon, pubic hair and idiots.” LOL Why?

    Nothing to be proud of, but I can tell that my English amazingly improved since then. I can’t believe I didn’t know what bobbies meant! Fucking Frenetic.

  15. We’re one of your automatically generated “possibly related” links at the bottom of your post… I came over b/c someone clicked on our link from yours (we look at our stats too). We did a series of posts about sex and animals and now are receiving a TON of spam. Previously, it was the phrase “nutsucking” that got us a lot of hits.

    Anyway. Just thought I’d post since you asked for it πŸ™‚

    — Lisa at

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