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oy vey!

i’m posting this on here so that it shows up on safat. hopefully someone will forward this to the idiots who run the arab times so that perhaps one day in the near future they will actually improve the calibre of their financial reporters.

john matthews i’ve always found annoying. he constantly manages to muck up the daily market reports by either typo-ing something vital or completely missing out some vital piece of information.

and if that was just it then maybe it wouldnt be so bad, but noooooooooooo, he then decides to draw opinions which he then publishes, which of course are wrong since he’s missing a big piece of the picture.

case in point:

“MTC jumped 100 fils today(about a week ago) on heavy volume because they have decided to pay out 100 fils in dividends.”

ummmm, ok, not exactly wrong, but what he failed to mention was that they had also agreed to award shareholders with bonus free shares of 50%. meaning for every 2 shares you have, they’ll give you one free.

now surely that would make you move your ass and buy more MTC shares rather than the 100 fils cash payout! especially since the dividend yield on MTC without the free shares would be absolutely pathetic.

and then today there is this from a miss dahlia kholaif:

” During the meeting the General Assembly (of MTC) has approved a cash dividend of 100 fils per share while increasing the capital from KD 126 billion to KD 189 billion. ”

the state of kuwait as a country doesnt bloody make that much!

but atleast that could be called a typo. a bad typo,…. but still an honest typo, so i’m not calling miss dahlia kholaif a moron, altho she really should have checked her article.

i am however calling her bosses morons cos apparently NO ONE PROOF READ HER ARTICLE BEFORE IT WAS PUBLISHED!!!

its a good thing i only read the daily market reports cos i’m bored and looking for funny typos 😛



  1. Dammit, I was looking for pubic hair

  2. lol pick want me to send you a copy of the arab times? its nothing but pubic hair 😛

  3. I actually understood every thing this time! No questions, except…
    Why don’t you write for them?

  4. Oh and one more thing…
    Your blog is full of typos, it drives me nuts!

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