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Monthly Archives: April 2007

in 1999 a book called Al Furqan al-Haqq was published in the unites states.

apparently it translates to “The True Quran”.

it claimed to be the real quran, as you can tell by its title 😛

as a long time reader and professional bullshit detector i’ve come to find that anything with the words true, real, ultimate, definitive, etc ,….. normally arent. infact they often prove to be the complete opposite.

and this is no exception.

i’m actually surprised that i didnt post about this before when i first came across the subject some six months ago.

as a matter of disclosure let me first say that i subscribe to no religion and neither was i born into a family without any real religious leanings which alot of hardcore aethiests cant even say.

so yes i’m one of those godless heathens your momma warned you about 😀

anyway, just cos i dont follow any ideology doesnt mean i dont have an interest in such matters. quite the opposite actually. (the gulf war led me on a crusade for a higher truth so yes i have read alot of stuff on the majority of the beliefs that litter this world, but thats a story for another time).

oh that and my bullshit detector went off the scales when i first heard about it.

in a nutshell it claims to be the truth, the new quran or the real quran. infact, instead of me telling you about it click here to read it for yourself. its available online.

as you can see, graphically its arranged in much the same way that the quran is. it comes complete with english and arabic text. and they even chose the safe route of going with ‘islamic green’ instead of another colour,…. who’s to say fuschia isnt a holy colour?

thats kinda where the similarity ends. its not a new quran or bible or torah. at which point i thought dammit i was actually looking forward to reading something new, possibly with a new point of view.

i’m sure you’ll be able to tell that it is essentially someones version of the bible.

so why didnt they just call it the bible?

further research revealed just how moronic the authors were.

according to the US state department website:

The Facts

  • The True Furqan was published openly, not secretly, in the United States in 1999. It is available on the Internet.
  • The True Furqan was not published in Israel, according to its translator, Dr. Anis Shorrosh.
  • The True Furqan was written in Arabic and translated into English by evangelical Christian Arabs who have no connection with the U.S. government. The book contains both the Arabic and English texts.
  • The True Furqan is a private attempt by evangelical Christian Arabs to convert Muslims to Christianity. Its translator, Dr. Anis Shorrosh, describes it as “a tool to evangelize Muslims.”
  • Dr. Shorrosh says the book is similar to the Quran “in style and substance … but contains the gospel message.”
  • According to Dr. Shorrosh, there was no Israeli involvement in the preparation of the book.
  • According to Dr. Shorrosh, The True Furqan is a stand-alone book, not part of a 12-book series.

the stuff in bold are mine.

now for those of you who are hardcore conspiracy theorists, i’m not going to debate how truthfull the state department’s comments are, nor is this post about the almighty jewish media conspiracy that controls everything we read, eat, drink, and wipe our butts with. ( cos surely if that were true then al jazeera and manartv would also be jewish controlled, think about it.)

now if the book was written by evangelicals to convert muslims, then correct me if i’m wrong but:

the whooooooole point of this book is that muslims would read it, believe it, then become christians while believing that they were muslims, which wouldnt matter cos they would actually still be christians. but they wouldnt know that they were christians.



does anyone remember the pepsi challenge?

doesnt it sound like that?

would someone please tell the morons that wrote this book, a couple of lebanese i think i read somewhere, that doing things that way wont get you in good with god. cos surely it is true conversion that counts right?

dudes, if you do manage to ‘convert’ anyone with your dumbass book, and you start to think that this will reserve you a VIP seat in heaven next to jesus think again.

the bouncers at the gates of heaven will piss their pants at the look on your faces when you expect to get in!

authors: ‘but we converted a bunch of savage muslims! we were guaranteed a reservation at god’s table!!!’

heaven’s gate bouncer: ‘actually no you werent, cos you committed the cardinal sin of lieing and misleading those that converted. infact they will get in to heaven but you can bugger off’

authors: ‘but, no, but what about, but,…..we did gods work goddammit!!!’

heaven’s gate bouncer: ‘ ooooh you did “gods work” did you? well thats different! theres a special entrance for you guys,…. just follow the suicide bombers who are going downstairs to the private party. oh and you wont need youre coat, its nice and toasty down their :D’

 morons i tell you.

there is however someone else to watch out for.

the same guys that led the crowds who burned down  the embassies during the whole mohammed cartoon crisis.

i’m pretty sure they’ll get wind of this pretty soon. and it’ll be just another tool which they will use to cement their influence in their community.

they’ll have multiple orgasms over something like this.

and all hell will break loose again.



so virgin got shut down on thursday night.


apparently they were selling stuff that the bearded dudes didnt like, and yeah if they were breaking the rules as it were then fair enough.

what i dont get is how so many bloggers seem shocked.

half of them are ‘ ahhhh nooo how can they do this?!?!?!’

the other half : ‘ youre infringing our rights!!! its 1984 like ol georgie said!!!’


wake the fuck up!

you live in a police state.

kuwait has always been a police state.

if you’re kuwaiti then youre a subject of the royal family, not a citizen.

atleast the english, canadians and japanese can subject themselves to some sort of denial cos their monarchy have no powers over state.

as bloggers you should bloody well know that the country youre from/live in practices censorship. right now the censorship is mostly restricted to books and videos, but blogs will not be forgotten.

just cos you dont publish your picture or your name doesnt mean they cant find you.

ISP’s here will bend over backwards if someone from the ministry wants someones info, so if you or one of your family subscribed to the line then they will get you. if you post from work, they can track you down, if you post via wifi form an internet cafe it’ll take a bit longer, but they will be able to figure out who you are.

atleast in another country, the government would need a court order to get your info from the ISP.

even the newspapers here are not completely free so how anyone is shocked and outraged at virgins closure is shocking in itself.

grow up, you live in kuwait, a nation steeped in family ties, traditional values, powerful islamists in government and beardies who think theyre doing gods work by using a magic marker on cleavage instead of going after peadophiles and those inciting hatred. 

they say that people get the governments they deserve,…..

so who’s fault is it when they stop you from reading and learning what you want?

and who’s fault will it be when they come for you after your next government criticising post?

Nas said that hiphop was dead.

i disagree.

hiphop just went gay.

pop music was always gay.

metal has gone gay.

emo is gay by definition.

house and trance are butch,…. but still gay.

parts of drum&bass is going gay,…..

but theres still some pure raw music being made.

heres some chinstroking music: 

photek – ni ten ichi ryu.

and heres some grrRRRRrrrr!#!$#!%$^%$^%$@!@!!!!!!!! music:

ewun – the divide.


i just got one 😀

but i’m getting tired of recording my own voice to splice into the tracks.

so if you fancy having your voice on a dnb track then just press record and mail me the file 😀

sknkwrkz at hotmail dot com

doesnt have to be anything in particular,…..

you could even do an undercover recording thingy when youre with friends,…. just normal conversations would be great.

even just humming would be fine cos i’d probably wind up chopping the audio.

i just think my tracks need some human voices dropped in here or there.

if youre  a singer then  what would be great is if you could just adlib and make strange sounds 😛 no lyrics necessary 😛

cheers in advance 😀


ok i’ll be the first to admit that its hardly highbrow tv, but damn that series is pretty addictive.

over the past 24 hours i’ve gone thru the entire 18 episodes of the pilot season.

yup i’ve been very productive lately 😛

i used to read comics when i was younger, and the mutated type of comics always appealed to me for some reason. you know the type, kid wakes up one day and finds out that he can burn/freeze/disappear/stop time/ grow a monkey tail/ etc,….

but even as a kid i always found the necessity for a leotard costume a bit baffleing, i mean surely if youre fighting crime you’d want to be comfortable right?

not worrying what your package looks like while saving the world.

heroes is basically similar to the basic x-men storyline,….

the next step in human evolution where humans use more than the 10% of their brains that they are normally restricted to. the result of course is people with super human powers. naturally theres a bunch of good guys, who struggle to cope with their new found powers, and then there are the bad guys who decide to use their powers for personal gain, and then theres the standard shadowy organisation that the guys in the middle belong to.

the great thing is,…. no typical leotard costumes, and no crappy effects.

surprisingly, theres actually very little blatant special effects. chances are if you turned it on by accident, you might not even realise it was a superpower mutant type show.

this is gonna sound funny but:

its a pretty realistic depiction of superpower people 😛 as dumb as that sounds.

if you get a chance, check it out.

now this all propelled me back 20 years to when i first picked up a comic book. and i wondered about what super power i would have.

not what i would want, cos everyone wants to fly/burn/superstrength/supers speed.

everyone knows you dont get what you want,….

so what would i get given?

to be as realistic as possible, assuming that in everyones life you rarely get what you want, but you get what youre given. and being a believer in the whole ‘if you get lemons make lemonade’ thing……

hmmmm, i’d probably get something pretty dull, like the ability to zero in on belly button lint which could be collected and thrown at evil doers,…if nothing else it would surprise the bad guys into a momentary WTF?! second, durnig which i would save the day 😀

or maybe the ability to remove ear wax without a cottonbud, drawing ear wax from the innocent bystanders, forming a supersize ball of ear wax with which to bowl the bad guys with,…. a la fred flintstones. (someone remind me to pack latex gloves for that)

it would probably not be something obviously lethal, possibly the ability to clean a cats whiskers at will…… which wouldnt be too bad, i could be a pet groomer by day, and ummm,… couch potato watching heroes by night……

i always wondered about the mutants that never really get something superduperish,….. cos i mean not everyone is gonna have powers to save the world right?

if you werent one of those grade A super heroes,…. what kind of super power do you think youd have?

i’m gonna go try and wipe my butt using my mind now,…, you know how much you’d save on toilet paper alone if you could actually wipe your butt with your mind?

with the markets doing well and more or less taking care of itself and not much else to do here right now i’ve sorted out my lil bedroom studio the way it should have been to begin with.

apart from some pro quality monitoring speakers im pretty much all set.

my first serious excursion into the production of drum&bass.

so heres the plan:

– produce a bunch of tracks over the next month and half or so.

– drop the tracks off at some of the dj’s and see what they think and what the crowds reaction is too.

– more importantly, i wanna hear it on those big ass speakers in a club >:D

oh and maybe figure out a way to stick the tracks on this page.

otherwise i’ll have to go to myspace,……urghhh godforbid!