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not much to pack this time around since i’ve got clothes there already.

things to do when i get there:

1- eat as much pork as possible. what with bird flu and their preference for fresh poultry this might be the sensible thing to do.

2- my apartment is ready so now comes the interior decoration stuff which means alot of local market shopping, and maybe a smidgen of IKEA.

3- head down to chow kit and take photos of what might be the next big redevelopment area in KL. its got great views but right now its run down and seedy as hell,…. my kind of area 😛

4- hook up with the local drum&bass crew again for a couple of good nights out and some brainstorming.

so i’ll see you lot on the other side of the world 😀

dont break anything while i’m gone!



  1. before I read the post: ya7athik!! you’re gonna have an amazing time!! I looooooooooove KL. ok me go read post now 🙂

  2. lol have fun 🙂 but you’re still gonna post right?

  3. hey cp,

    yeah i know, i always have a great time down there, which is why i’m looking to spend most of my time there soonish :P.

    but yeah i’ll still post from time to time, wifi is free there and i’m sure i’ll have a couple hours to kill at some point :P.

  4. loooool awenk u never slept with hookers before? :p

  5. lol i, umm can neither confirm nor deny that 😛

    and whats an “awenk” ?

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