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so someones been going thru my archives and reading my past verbal diarrhea.

i love that this thing tells you that something has been read 😛

whoever you are, youre a brave soul for wading thru my endless brain farts.

whoever you are feel free to coment on the older posts too, and happy friday to you 😀



  1. i want a virtual stalker too!!!

  2. It means someone finds you fascinating enough to read up on your background, Skunk. Pretty cool – a FAN!

    When do you get back?

    Will you have any braincells left?

  3. lol cp 😛

    lol xpatr i probably should have said ‘fan’ instead of stalker huh 😛

    i’m flying back today, hiting kuwait airport at around 8pm.

    a few braincells left,….. but my hearing is still recuperating from last nights club speakers,…. i’m pretty sure everyone thinks i’m deaf cos i keep asking htem to repeat what they said 😛

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