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since i’m feeling a little bit better i figured i should get this down before i lose my consciousness yet again.

normally, the common cold comes and goes with the invasion of a cold virus, the digestion of copious amounts of medication, and the death of a number of trees in the form of used tissues.

apart from the fact that i only really ever get a cold once a year or so, i didnt give this one much thought,….. until i rememberedΒ  the events that most likely led up this most perfect of flu’s.

saturday night, KL, malaysia.

at about 1230 i get picked up by my friend.

our intentions were to pop the narcotics we had and proceed to the underground club that has come to be the definition of KL night life for me.

our drug of choice?


incase you dont know what it does it basically pumps you up in a good way, makes you tap your feet to what would otherwise be stupidly fast music, and generally puts you in a state of euphoria.

its been a while since i indulged myself.

and since its not like an every weekend thing, and i dont drink, this was one night i was looking forward to.

in the back of my mind i knew i had to catch a flight at 2pm on sunday. which meant that i basically had to be up at 10am…… oh yeah ‘e’ also has a tendency to keep you up for 6-8 hrs depending on how good your pill is.

the underground club in question is in the back of a building that sits on a busy road in the middle of town. you gotta go down one back alley, or the side of the building next to a canal to get to the front door. what can i say its great πŸ˜›

oh and most legal clubs close at 3am,….. this one only gets jumping at 3 am, and we normally dont go home till about 6am.

for some reason that night, the local authorities decided to pay the club a visit at 330am, so sadly we had to leave. luckily they werent the cops, so no one was arrested or piss tested.

i think i eventually got back home at around430am, after getting something to eat at a roadside foodstall.

so hyped up still, i somehow managed to get some shut eye before my alarm went off 4-5 hours later. luckily everything was packed so i just had to throw on my clothes and get a cab.

much like being hungover, if you havent slept the narcotics off, then youre basically hungover,….. but at the time i couldnt tell if i was still buzzing and coming down or just tired from not sleeping enough.

anyway i eventually made it to the airport, and onto the plane. the one thing that contributed to my flu on the plane was that they had run out of blankets!

umm ok maybe that was my fault cos i fell asleep as soon as i got into my seat, so by the time i got up all the blankets were gone. and silly me i didnt pack a jumper.

so brrrrring for the next 5 hours.

still thinking i’m just tired instead of just coming off the drug.

drugs fuck up your immune system apparently so i guess someone on the plane had a cold.

which i guess made my tired fucked up self an open target for any virus’s looking for a new host.

and abu dhabi’s airport, the tiny cramped and full of people piece of crap that it is, is the second most likely place i would have contracted something. seriously, abu dhabi aviation,… just put a new fucking shed up or something! anything would be an improvement.

the funny thing is that i was feeling pretty ok until my head hit my pillow. maybe it was a case of the journey now being fully over, i can relax and just be sick so blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah………

the past 24 hours hasnt been too bad.

there have been some strange dreams, one where i was riding a lighting bolt, one where i was in a kind of helipad having tea and biscuits with an ex girlfriend. it was the one at the factory in italy, that makes the cars,… FIAT,…. but dont ask me why, cos apart from having visited the place ages ago i havent got a clue what that dream means.

there was something about a nurse too, which was where the previous post came from.

moral of the story,……

if youre gonna do drugs make sure you dont have to fly the next day you moron.



  1. awwwwww 😦

    a7san you deserve it for having more fun than most of the bloggers combined – it’s your penalty!! (evil laugh)

    Airplanes are germ infested, I’m serious. I caught a cold after Miami too.

  2. lol aww thats not fair πŸ˜›

    it was extremely fun tho πŸ˜›

    then again youre much younger, in college and in the US so you should really be out doing stupid stuff you’ll regret later. that is afterall what youth is for πŸ˜›

    apparently my youth is going on a little bit too long πŸ˜›

  3. @@

    vat!!! *shock*

    “much younger” – I thought we were around the same age!!

    How old are?!!

  4. u*

  5. lol i’m 30.

  6. you old hag πŸ˜€

  7. oi!
    hey 30 is the new 19 πŸ˜€

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