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with the markets doing well and more or less taking care of itself and not much else to do here right now i’ve sorted out my lil bedroom studio the way it should have been to begin with.

apart from some pro quality monitoring speakers im pretty much all set.

my first serious excursion into the production of drum&bass.

so heres the plan:

– produce a bunch of tracks over the next month and half or so.

– drop the tracks off at some of the dj’s and see what they think and what the crowds reaction is too.

– more importantly, i wanna hear it on those big ass speakers in a club >:D

oh and maybe figure out a way to stick the tracks on this page.

otherwise i’ll have to go to myspace,……urghhh godforbid!



  1. myspace .. yeah me no likee either :s but people here are obsessed…

    why don’t you post it on your blog too? that should be fun..

  2. can we post it on wordpress?

    i have no idea how to do that,…. some techy i’m absolutely useless at 😛

  3. ayam a tech n00b too.

    but welllllllllll myspace is the shit. still an okay shit tho.

    have u tried facebook? i kept gettin invites for membership -__-

  4. lol i know facebook, and bebo and god knows how many oher bloody sites out there,… keep getting invites to those things too, lost track of the number of sites.

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