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i just got one πŸ˜€

but i’m getting tired of recording my own voice to splice into the tracks.

so if you fancy having your voice on a dnb track then just press record and mail me the file πŸ˜€

sknkwrkz at hotmail dot com

doesnt have to be anything in particular,…..

you could even do an undercover recording thingy when youre with friends,…. just normal conversations would be great.

even just humming would be fine cos i’d probably wind up chopping the audio.

i just think my tracks need some human voices dropped in here or there.

if youreΒ  a singer thenΒ  what would be great is if you could just adlib and make strange sounds πŸ˜› no lyrics necessary πŸ˜›

cheers in advance πŸ˜€



  1. I have a Mac. I know I have a mic. I bet, knowing Apple, that there is a way I can record something and send it to you, but it has never ever occurred to me to explore that possibility. We’ll see!

  2. me too! like intlxpatr I have a mac but i’m clueless as to where the mic is. will send something when i’ve figured it out.

    oh also. I watched heroes last night, you’re right it was at 9.

    I have to say i liked, but I missed a lot, and so I’ll wait till i get the chance to watch it from za veri estart.

  3. cheers guys.

    yeah macs were the first machines to come with mics built in so it shouldnt be too hard to do.

    not too sure how youd do it on a mac since i havent used one in quite a while.

    re heroes, youre right, its really something you need to watch from the beginning, but the torrent file is out there on the web with everything up to last nights episode.

    grrr i gotta wait till someone uploads it now since i’m not in the us 😦

  4. Make strange sounds? … Boy are you opening yourself up a can o’ worms with that one πŸ˜€

  5. which is exactly the point of it all πŸ˜›

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