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Nas said that hiphop was dead.

i disagree.

hiphop just went gay.

pop music was always gay.

metal has gone gay.

emo is gay by definition.

house and trance are butch,…. but still gay.

parts of drum&bass is going gay,…..

but theres still some pure raw music being made.

heres some chinstroking music: 

photek – ni ten ichi ryu.

and heres some grrRRRRrrrr!#!$#!%$^%$^%$@!@!!!!!!!! music:

ewun – the divide.




  1. ok so I watched the first one and I liked it but couldn’t watch the second cause it looks scary.

    There’s nothing wrong with gay people. And for music to be ‘manly’ there has to be fighting, blood, gore, monsters?

    Are you saying you don’t listen to anything else except for d&b?

    @@ don’t lie to me!

    You listen to other types of music. I knew it!!!!

    So, mr. you can’t complain.

  2. lol “gay” musically isnt meant in a homosexual context 😛

    i love gay people, just not that way 😛

    and its not really a manly thing either,….

    kinda hard to explain…..but the main difference i guess is the energy and rawness. so ironically the term ‘gay’ in music is one where a genre has all gone mainstream and watered down hehehe 😛

    but yeah over the past month its all i’ve been listening to. its great getting into a new genre when the stuff you normally listen to has ‘gone gay’ 😛

    besides dnb will go gay as well one day.

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