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in 1999 a book called Al Furqan al-Haqq was published in the unites states.

apparently it translates to “The True Quran”.

it claimed to be the real quran, as you can tell by its title 😛

as a long time reader and professional bullshit detector i’ve come to find that anything with the words true, real, ultimate, definitive, etc ,….. normally arent. infact they often prove to be the complete opposite.

and this is no exception.

i’m actually surprised that i didnt post about this before when i first came across the subject some six months ago.

as a matter of disclosure let me first say that i subscribe to no religion and neither was i born into a family without any real religious leanings which alot of hardcore aethiests cant even say.

so yes i’m one of those godless heathens your momma warned you about 😀

anyway, just cos i dont follow any ideology doesnt mean i dont have an interest in such matters. quite the opposite actually. (the gulf war led me on a crusade for a higher truth so yes i have read alot of stuff on the majority of the beliefs that litter this world, but thats a story for another time).

oh that and my bullshit detector went off the scales when i first heard about it.

in a nutshell it claims to be the truth, the new quran or the real quran. infact, instead of me telling you about it click here to read it for yourself. its available online.

as you can see, graphically its arranged in much the same way that the quran is. it comes complete with english and arabic text. and they even chose the safe route of going with ‘islamic green’ instead of another colour,…. who’s to say fuschia isnt a holy colour?

thats kinda where the similarity ends. its not a new quran or bible or torah. at which point i thought dammit i was actually looking forward to reading something new, possibly with a new point of view.

i’m sure you’ll be able to tell that it is essentially someones version of the bible.

so why didnt they just call it the bible?

further research revealed just how moronic the authors were.

according to the US state department website:

The Facts

  • The True Furqan was published openly, not secretly, in the United States in 1999. It is available on the Internet.
  • The True Furqan was not published in Israel, according to its translator, Dr. Anis Shorrosh.
  • The True Furqan was written in Arabic and translated into English by evangelical Christian Arabs who have no connection with the U.S. government. The book contains both the Arabic and English texts.
  • The True Furqan is a private attempt by evangelical Christian Arabs to convert Muslims to Christianity. Its translator, Dr. Anis Shorrosh, describes it as “a tool to evangelize Muslims.”
  • Dr. Shorrosh says the book is similar to the Quran “in style and substance … but contains the gospel message.”
  • According to Dr. Shorrosh, there was no Israeli involvement in the preparation of the book.
  • According to Dr. Shorrosh, The True Furqan is a stand-alone book, not part of a 12-book series.

the stuff in bold are mine.

now for those of you who are hardcore conspiracy theorists, i’m not going to debate how truthfull the state department’s comments are, nor is this post about the almighty jewish media conspiracy that controls everything we read, eat, drink, and wipe our butts with. ( cos surely if that were true then al jazeera and manartv would also be jewish controlled, think about it.)

now if the book was written by evangelicals to convert muslims, then correct me if i’m wrong but:

the whooooooole point of this book is that muslims would read it, believe it, then become christians while believing that they were muslims, which wouldnt matter cos they would actually still be christians. but they wouldnt know that they were christians.



does anyone remember the pepsi challenge?

doesnt it sound like that?

would someone please tell the morons that wrote this book, a couple of lebanese i think i read somewhere, that doing things that way wont get you in good with god. cos surely it is true conversion that counts right?

dudes, if you do manage to ‘convert’ anyone with your dumbass book, and you start to think that this will reserve you a VIP seat in heaven next to jesus think again.

the bouncers at the gates of heaven will piss their pants at the look on your faces when you expect to get in!

authors: ‘but we converted a bunch of savage muslims! we were guaranteed a reservation at god’s table!!!’

heaven’s gate bouncer: ‘actually no you werent, cos you committed the cardinal sin of lieing and misleading those that converted. infact they will get in to heaven but you can bugger off’

authors: ‘but, no, but what about, but,…..we did gods work goddammit!!!’

heaven’s gate bouncer: ‘ ooooh you did “gods work” did you? well thats different! theres a special entrance for you guys,…. just follow the suicide bombers who are going downstairs to the private party. oh and you wont need youre coat, its nice and toasty down their :D’

 morons i tell you.

there is however someone else to watch out for.

the same guys that led the crowds who burned down  the embassies during the whole mohammed cartoon crisis.

i’m pretty sure they’ll get wind of this pretty soon. and it’ll be just another tool which they will use to cement their influence in their community.

they’ll have multiple orgasms over something like this.

and all hell will break loose again.




    omg!! omg!!

    *rolls on the floor from laughter*


    “they’ll have multiple orgasms over something like this” – hahahahahhaha

    ok ok –

    I can’t believe the dumbasses. Who are they trying to convert? If they knew anything about Islam they would KNOW that Muslims will not refer to any edition of the Quran except the one they have, and the ones permitted by Saudi. If this book came out of Saudi, and was endorsed by the religious clergy there, then MAYBE people would have read it seriously. I think they’re shmucks because a director was killed because he did a movie with the text of the Quran written on a girl’s body, did they not think what might happen to them, when they have publically announced their agenda and admitted to changing the Quran?

    “who’s to say fuschia isnt a holy colour?”

    Fuschia is girly. Girls are bad. Thus not holy.

    kick ass post. me likee.

  2. oh PS. my blog is holy, that’s why you need to VISIT it!

    damn your comment abstinence.

  3. youre right i’m surprised they havent been shot already.

    and lol @ girls are bad.

    they may be bad but bad girls are divine experiences 😛

  4. looooooool…. mhhhhmmmmm i’m sure they are!

  5. hehehehehehe

  6. Man, here’s a mind boggling story. Let alone the quran saga im amazed with the fact that most of our lives are controlled by evangelical jews. And by the way it would be wise to nullify the furqan coz it may lead to a new religion adding on the current mayhem!


  8. kya likhun choro

  9. what? what?

  10. But at the end of the day,Jesus still says that you must be born again in order to enter the Kingdom of God ! John 3vs3 ! And that is still the TRUE GOSPEL !!!

    • helllllllllllllllooooooooooooooo
    • Posted October 2, 2008 at 12:11 am
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    i cant believe this but this is so just crazy. who do they think they can conver t the whole point of this is a mistake. think about it. If the muslims created a fake bible called the fible would any1 of those christians believe it. the same here. my muslim friend and every1 muslim i know considered this a joke. if u tell me its a series of plots to convince every1 thaT muslim are a religion of suicide bombers, mass murderers, rapers etc. And i know that they arent that. i mean just ask ureself would u like to be called that and to be insulted with ure family and yure people. i know i wouldn’t

  11. Omfg

    Why do people have 2 be racist about muslims n think its shite

    we dnt make fun of fkin jews or christians, 😐

    god ske man

  12. The challenge still awaits. produce one ayah like it

  13. Perhaps i should shed some light on this (speaking as a Muslim):

    “And if you all are in doubt about what I have revealed to My servant, bring a single surah like it, and call your witnesses besides Allah if you are truthful.” (Qur’an 2:23)

    I believe Mr Shorrosh & Co were trying to meet the challenge so as to convince Muslims the Qur’an isn’t divine, since it can be plagiarised. Such an attempt is of course valid from the point of view of the Qur’an.

    The point where they fail is however this:

    In relation to the words “…and call your witnesses besides Allah if you are truthful.”

    Witnesses to what?

    Witnesses to that: 1). The author, like the Prophet (s) himself already PRIOR to revelation and divine office is well-renowned among everybody for honesty; 2). Is sincere in believing he’s receiving revelations from the One Divine.

    Logically, of course, (as well as honestly) this is not possible…

    The next verse then goes on to say:

    “But if ye cannot – and of a surety ye cannot – then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones,- which is prepared for those who reject Faith.” (Qur’an 2.24)

    Fair enough…

    However, on other perspectives on the issue, check here:


  14. ps:

    take care

  15. well..i agree with further said!

  16. Mohammed’s Pepsi challenge is totally subjective and therefore, inconclusive.

    If you produced verses superior in everyway to Mo’s doggerel, Moslems would kill you after claiming you had failed and besides you have committed blasphemy by disagreeing with Mohammed.

    Anyone who disagrees with Mohammed is satanic and deserves to be decapitated. Decapitation reveals Islam’s first move, which is to remove the seat of human thought, thus creating armies of killer zombies ready militarily to force the world in to Islam/submission (another word for slavery).

  17. I Dont Wat The Hell This Is Goin On About Sum1 Sent Me The Link n Im Confused Lmfaoooo.

    • replyto thinkomatic
    • Posted January 12, 2009 at 11:33 pm
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    this is 4 thinkomatic… wacko.. if u really sat n thot, u wudnt b judging Mohammed (Saws) word… cz its not his… its Allahs…
    n if u really wanna sit n think.. try this out.. y isnt der any version of the bible by jesus..:P

  18. With respect, I think the original author misses the point of the True Furqan. There is a challenge in the original Koran that it is impossible for people to come up with a new sura, thus attesting to its own unique merits as a sign from the Almighty. (We will leave aside such historical points as missing verses of the Koran, part of it being eaten by a goat ((Ibn Maja 36/144; Ibn Hanbal 3/61;5/131, 132, 183;6/269) and lost, which would challenge the authenticity of the original – compare the Biblical account of its own preservation in Jeremiah chapter 36, an instance of divine protection ..)

    And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides God, if your (doubts) are true.
    — Qur’an 2:23 (trans. A. Yusuf Ali)

    Of course you could argue that eloquence is not proof (as Paul did in 1 Corinthians 2:1-5) but the point is that the True Furqan is the book that Mohammed, if he had been converted to Christianity as “Saint Mohammed” like, say Saint Augustine or Saint John of the Cross, *could* have produced. I am not claiming special inspiration but rather present it as an excellent attempt to write a book in the same style as the Koran but with the unadulterated Christian message. For all the claims that Islam follows on from the Torah and Injil, the message *is* different and you are forced to choose between teachings of the two conflicting faiths. At the very least I would say to you it is “as inspired” as the Koran and challenge any Muslim scholar to show otherwise, either by its aesthetically pleasing artistic merit or by its’ message.

    So, if you want to critique this book then don’t do so as on the basis of inconsistancy and deception. (I understand the humour element in your scenario, but the point is serious one.) Rather critique it as an essentially Arab book (one designed to appeal to those from the Middle East who by background and culture are used to the ways of Islam) which presents the same *uncorrupted* message as the Bible.


  19. To Furaq:

    If you are honest and sincere in your faith then please read the True Furqan and judge it for yourself. The criterion I suggest is:

    – 1 – Does this book set forth a standard of behaviour according to the golden rule for humans – “do as you would be done by”?
    – 2 – Does the book provide a consistant message?
    – 3 – What leads you to believe that the original Koran and not The True Furqan is from a divine source?
    – 4 – What does your heart say to you about the book? As regards witnesses, might I suggest that you would provide such a witness if you can read, believe and follow its message?
    – 5 – If you didn’t know the teachings of Islam, would this message be equally as acceptable to you?

    As a collorary, since Islam claims to follow on from the revelations of the Old Testament and New Testament – can this book be seen as a worthy addition to the earlier books in providing a version of the message of “the people of the book” which addresses itself to Arab nations?

    Regarding the honesty and sincerity of the authors:
    I do not know the authors personally but have no reason to doubt that they are honest people seeking to propagate their Christian faith by means of a book which they feel addresses in style the needs of Arab people, and in substance the truths of the Bible. In this I would say that they are sincere and not hypocrites, assuming that they follow the Bible’s teachings in their personal lives.

    Regarding the honesty and sincerity of the author of the original Koran:
    Perhaps you should judge Mohammed by the Koranic sura 2:23-24/ honesty & sincerity criterion? He didn’t perform miracles, and produced a contradictory and inconsistant revelation which abrogated itself, as “proof” of his prophethood. He didn’t even live his life according to the standards he had for his followers since he had many more than 4 wives and where he did provide an example it was one of raping, pillaging, looting and genocide.
    Was he honest when he promised one of his wives that he would stop sleeping with her slave girl and then carried on causing a rebellion among his many wives?
    Was he correct in his criterion for judging the angel which squeezed him almost to death as a holy and not fallen angel: applying the “nudity test” – his first wife Khadija stripping off her clothes to see if the angel left the room out of modesty? (this dispite the fact that elsewhere angels are said to be always present to record our various deeds).
    Was he sincere in his taking a 9 year old as his wife to supposedly spread the message of Islam? If she was some kind of child prodigy that he could see great human or spiritual qualities in, why the need to marry her so young?


  20. Barney,

    Stop trying to preach, to spread the holy word by bullshitting. It doesnt work. Bullshit is what your people are made of, it used to work but its doesnt work too good anymore.

    And do not question the cultures of the past, taking a 9 year old as his wife doesnt mean that he will fuck her. If he wants to marry a kid, then let him be… why do you fucking bother? Its obvious that you have a sick and twisted head to assume that he is going to fuck the 9 year old kid and im very sad for that. I’m sad that you’re a redneck and your mother is actually your sister.

    Did i bother to ask you if Jesus is gay or who the fuck the holy ghost is? Because I dont give a fuck. You can be praying to my fucking dick for all i care.

    Before you come to preach your religion. try to fix it first…there are so many divided many fucking bibles, i dont know which one is real. Go and preach to the pope and tell him to pray to jesus and not mother mary.

    I really hate people like you, those who try to propagate bullshit like the furqan. The language and sentences there are so godamned horrible that im pretty sure the authors were too jacked on oil fumes when they were writing that piece of shit.

  21. Anis shorrwsh is dog

  22. You know wat ppl should now stp teasn Islam honestly as muslims we totally respect nd tolerate other diversed religion ….nd wat the hell is this furqan why dnt they just call it a bible …. ND anyway no Muslim is gna believe in dat book because we Strongly have faith in Allah

  23. Actually, from what I read in the book titled, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, which is a biographical account of a western raised Islamic man, who converted to Christianity, the purpose of the writing of the Al Furqan was on response to the direct challenge the Quran raises in its own defense of authenticity, that no other book could ever be written similar. Not only was this book written in similar style, refuti g the Qurans apparently only defense of authenticity, it was also done with the message of the gospel as its content. Quite a clever achievement I think. And I can’t help but add that perhaps more research would avoid posting such a scathing blunder in the future : )

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