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Monthly Archives: May 2007

for my music production i normally work in cubase sx which looks like this:


this is pretty traditional for music software, relatively nice and neat, tracks layed out pretty straightforward,….. for those that arent familiar with audio work, think of it like this,…..

imagine you have a band,…. guitarist, vocalist, bassist and drummer. in that case each person will be on one track, and you layer the whole thing like photoshops layering tool which some people might be more familiar with.

so when you play it back, it all comes together as one track or composition.

pretty straight forward.

last night i started reading about old old old school programs….. the kind that ran on amiga computers back in the day. and yes if you dont know what an amiga computer is,…. thats how old i’m talking.

a couple of companies have started making next generation music programs based on those old school principles, and this is what i’m working with now:


its called Renoise.

i shat my pants when i first saw the screenshot.

it scared the hell out of me coming from traditional cubase.

but from past experience when things have scared the hell out of me, i’ve found that those things are often the most rewarding if you get to know and understand them. same goes for scarey looking people,…. so far anyway,… if i disappear you can bet its cos i thought some serial axe murderer was “just lonely” 😛

i ran it anyway,…. and OMG its fucking awesome!

i dont know shit about it yet but inside of 10 minutes i was nodding my head to some impromptu hardcore jungle beat that would have taken me an hour to do inside cubase!

and i made CP’s vocals do some weird weirdy things in 10 secs,…. something that would take ages in cubase or anything else i’ve tried before.

oh and the coolest thing is,… it scares you, so noobie kid producers will stick with their fruity loops 😛

while cubase scrolls horizontally,….

renoise scrolls vertically,….

kinda like the green texty thingy you saw on the matrix.

yes i am geeky like that 😛

for a piece of software desgined on old school principles, its surprising how alot of avant-guarde music is being made by people that know how to use this.

i’m gonna run it on my lappy on my next flight,….

just to see if anyone arrests me cos it looks like i’m hacking into the pentagon or something 😛


humid weather + a vigorous walk + boxers = sweaty balls*.

[ * :  sweaty “groin” for women ]

Ex-Oil Minister Dr. Rasheed Al-Omairi, Chairman of Petro-World Entertainment Company, to launch a chain of entertainment projects through out the region aimed to present the oil industry & culture in an entertaining and educating way.




and while everyone’s attention is diverted at the ferris wheel of sweet crude and the tunnel of synthetic by-products, we will fill the air with subliminal messages saying “$70 a barrel is good, drive more, drive more, take the long way home” over and over again!

and from there it will only be a matter of time before we finish our hyper-duper-ultra-mega-oil-a-tron ray gun satellite that will suck out all the gas in their cars so they have to buy more!!!






seriously tho, doesnt that Petro-World sound like something batmans arch villian would do?

cant you just picture the kind of games and rides?

drilling for oil pockets – hit one and take home a can of engine oil.

the halliburton cafe – $10,000 for a baked potato, as per their contract with the us military.

the halliburton tunnel – drive thru a simulated iraqi village with insurgents shooting at you,…. and all you have is a bulletproof vest that wouldnt stop a mosquito.

the PWC/Agility shuttle – will take you around the compound for $25,000 for every kg you weigh.

the pre-emptive tea cups – get in a tradtional tea cup ride with a difference,…. you get a baseball bat to smack the shit out of that tea cup guy who looks like his teacup is going to invade your teacup.

ooh ooh and dont forget the Shell/BP African safari ride – dress up as a philipino labourer and go on a safari where natives will kidnap you at gunpoint and hold you for ransom till shell or bp decide to pay them off. excellent educational value if you’d like your child to have a career as a world class hostage negotiator, or oil company bag man, or nigerian hostage taker, or philipino hostage.

i really cant wait to see what petro-world is gonna be like 😛

cos its just gonna provide too much material to make fun off.

kinda like arnie becoming president.

the weather doesnt get any better,…

my next track shall be called “dusty nostril hairs”.

if i dont sneeze up a lung before i finish it.

a couple of good things happened to me today 😀

one of them being i pretty much finished a track with CixousianPanic doing the vocals.

do check it out and let me know what you think,… might not be everyones cup of tea but i would like to know how it sounds on your music system,…. like did you have to turn it up or down, too much bass, or not enough, etc….

Happy saturday 😛

according to a ministry of interior report published in the papers today:

there are now approximately over 100,000 kuwaitis who have been issued with a travel ban. travel bans are reserved for those that default on their debt obligations and its a practice that the kuwaiti government has used for a long time now to stop people skipping town.

there are also about 30,000 expats with a travel ban on their heads.

ok so 100,000 kuwaiti defaulters in a population of 1 million.

only 10% you say.

thats not bad you say.

yeah i thought that too.

then i read another article in the daily star today which quoted Jassem Al Saadoun who writes the al shall report on the state of the economy that you see on saturdays in the arab times, oh and he also runs his own economic research institute,…. so he knows his shit:

85% of the kuwaiti workforce are government employees.

which accounts for 284,000 employees.

hold up,….WTF?!

lets recap in case you havent already gotten my point:

while kuwaits kuwaiti population might number just under 1 million,……..

of whom a large percentage are below working age,…….

and a large percentage are now retired or too old to work,………

and a certain percentage either dont want to or cannot work,……

and where the government employs 85% of the workforce,…..

and where this 85% comes to 284,000 kuwaitis,…..

with a tiny 15% of the work force in the private sector,…..

which brings the total work force to about 334,117 kuwaitis,……

and over 100,000 of the kuwaiti population with a travel ban,……

youre telling me that on average 1 in 3 of the working kuwaiti population has a travel ban on their heads cos they cant pay their debts?!

now add to that the number who can pay, but are only just making it so they dont get a travel ban,……..

dayum, you lot are a bunch of broke ass bitches,….. as the saying goes.