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very few things can beat the feeling of wind on a freshly shaved head.





  1. me no like men with shaved heads. It can only mean one thing: they’re going bald 🙂


    so where is it starting? On the sides or at the back? 😉 😉

    Now that my friend is the most ‘universlist’ truth of them all! 😀

  2. ha! forgive me for assuming that its starting, it may very well be full blown! literally! hahahahha *sinister laugh*

  3. haha true that!

    but i’m actually not going bald 😛

    and i shouldnt either sicne its hereditary.

    i’m a slaphead by choice 😀

  4. Mmm shaved heads are so sexy.

  5. hehe, hey your blogs gone private i just noticed.

  6. Yeah you’re gonna have to give me your email address if you still wanna read my rubbish. You can email me if you like.

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