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fuul, pronounced “fool”, is a middle eastern dish which consists of stewed beans.

lots and lots of stewed beans.

never in my life have i eaten anything that has given me more gas.

kinda makes you wonder why huge corporations are racing each other to find the next pocket of natural gas or oil underground.

why waste millions of dollars inventing a drill that can drill sideways underground to get to hard to reach pockets of gas and oil?

why waste millions more on gagdets and gizmos to guess where the next energy source is?

why spoil acres and acres of land by planting sugar cane just to turn it into ethanol?

the answer to everyones energy needs lies within one little bean, which when digested produces ridiculous amounts of gas.

they say that sometimes just one person can make a difference,…

everyone should be required by law to consume one big bowl of fuul a day.

everyone would then be required to wear a fart harvesting device which would consist of a pipe and a collection tank.

the pipe would be inserted into the rectum, the farts harvested and stored in the collection tank, and when the tank was full you slot it into your home generator that will burn the gas and convert it into electricity for your home and/or car.

then again i dont know if i would want to sacrifice my anal virginity for a smaller electricity bill.

so, i suggest that convicted criminals, whose anal virginity is questionable at best, become our fart factory workers. prisons will become the world’s energy manufacturers instead of just society’s detention room.

now if that isnt a deterent to crime then i dont know what is. not only will you get anally raped in prison by some guy called bubba, but the rest of the time your anus will be best friends with a wide rubber hose 24/7.

i can picture the future already.

farts will be traded on the chicago commodities exchange, next to crude oil and gold. and just like crude oil, farts will be broken down into different grades, “sweet” and “sour”.

which is natural since the quality of a fart is determined by the quality of both the beans consumed and the health of the prisoners’ digestive systems.

we could power all our mobile electronics with fart fuel cells. laptops, mobiles, etc. running low? slip into the bathroom and insert pipe,…. both ways 😛

we’d never have to worry about running out of gas on long road trips,…. one big bowl of fuul before you start and hey presto youre an instant extra fuel tank.

smaller nations like kuwait will have to import foreign labour, except this time it will be a life of leisure for them as all they’ll have to do is eat fuul, chill, and fart into the grid.

i wonder if there will be world championship farting competitions…..

sponsored of course by the worlds largest energy companies.

and egypt will become an energy superpower.



  1. *Stops reading at the third line.

    Puts on bio-hazardous gas mask –

    go back to resume reading*

  2. haha i got 3 spare ones from before if you need one 😛

  3. LMAOF!!

    Somewhere 3/4 down the post I died from all the laughter.

    But what are you gonna do about the fact that half the world population (girls) don’t fart? – on the contrary we release pink odorless bubbles – following the fashion which clearly states as fact the observation that girls don’t sweat but rather glisten –

    That cuts down half the estimated number of cubic gas meters? (is that even right?) The fuul won’t do jack-nada. The more fuul you feed us the more pink bubbles you’ll have floating around and those wont help the energy plans 😉

    I think to compensate guys should only be allowed to eat beans (in all its variations) to make up for this minor setback.

  4. hahaha!


    they may be pink bubbles but once the bibbles are burst i’m pretty sure the gases released will be just as potent if not more so,…since i assume women try to hold it in till they can release in privacy hence added fermentation in the colon.

    hmmm female farts could actually be quite high grade energy 😛

  5. LMAOF!!!


    I said odorless 😛

  6. ‘pink odorless bubbles’ actually….

    so the bubbles would be odourless cos they constrain the gases within but once they burst,…WATCHOUT!!!

    admit it girlie farts can be as deadly as a drunk guys farts after a curry 😀


    *chooses to go with no comment*


  8. haha!

    whoohooo! i win !


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