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they do.

cos it reminds me of:

– the build up to the iraqi invasion:-  i worked with a couple of journalists who were covering the build up and subsequent invasion of iraq. once the shock and awe thing started, and saddams boys in blue started lobbing missiles our way,…….. everytime the sirens went off all the journalists in the hotels had to scrammble, putting on their gasmasks while running to the hotel basement for shelter.

the sirens used to go off every hour or so, so watching them scrammble like they were gonna die was funny :P,….. ok to me atleast cos i never joined them running like headless chickens.

– i recall running around doing my chores with a gasmask bag draped over one shoulder. i always waited to see if anything hit near me before putting the mask on. thankfully nothing ever did. but there was always the one person that paniced to put the gasmask on…….ok so a bit mean but always amuseing in the aftermath 😛

oh and the final reason why air raid sirens make me laugh:

they didnt work on august 2nd 1990.

the guy whose job was to just push the button to warn everyone was probably already in saudi with the rest of the royals by the time the iraqis were at the welcome to kuwait gift shop at the abdaly border.



  1. So someone did not like the air raid sirens this morning as well! LOL

    Its stupid and useless…. and disturbing! and arghhhh so @^#&^#@ annoying.. did I say stupid?

  2. hehe,… feel free to use full cuss words 😛

  3. 😦

    i never hear them anyway – they’re too low – with my music and/ or my tv on I don’t even realize they went off.

  4. cixousianpanic why the sad face?!
    till they’re proven effective, you are fine 😉

  5. lol that should be the ministry’s official stand: “dont worry, you’ll know when it works”

    move near a school cp 😛 cos they can be loud as fuck.

  6. Hilarious “That is music to the ears of Saddam Hussein. I’m not going to pay him the respect to panic.”


  7. haha yeah i remember reading that at the time.

    actually i got quoted by one of the journalists i worked with in a japanese paper saying something like “1990 was actually less stressful cos we didnt have the sirens going off at all :P”

  8. heehee, good one!

    aren’t they suppose to test’em 1st day of each month or what now!?

    man im bored! work is slow! not much is going on!

  9. yeah they threw me too. i always thought it was the first.

    kinda makes you wonder if they know something we dont. not the testers of course 😛

    but rather the bosses upstairs.

    plus the market is trending down and is nervous so,… who knows.

    now get back to work 😛

  10. heehee!i am at work 😛 updating portfolio holdings!

    well…I can see that the trend is down this week (unlike last week!)

    still im bored and i want frozen yogurt! not so many places i know of have frozen yogurt in kuwait! sobs 😦

  11. hmm frozen yogurt,… youre right, i dont know of anywhere here that does it. well theres a niche business for you 😛

    dont portfolio holdings get updated automatically?

    i gotta do mine manually till i cant afford a bloomberg terminal 😛

  12. they do! I work on reuters on daily basis and bloomberg from time to time.

    the thing is i have to take closing prices for almost all the gcc markets.. which is done automatically on Reuters.. but Qatar uses VWAP or official close.. which i didnt figuer the function for yet!

    get Reuters… i believe its better than bloomberg 😉

  13. i dont actually need either since i focus on fundamental analysis and people going nuts 😛 so thats 20 grand saved :P.

    is there really no frozen yogurt shop here?!

  14. i know one place that sell frozen yogurt (ONE FLAVOR ONLY) and some low fat ice cream, & soya based ice-crem..

    im lactose-intolerant 😦 & I love milk! so good thing i like frozen yogurt

    what do you have in your portfolio if i may ask?

  15. ooh you gotta tell me where that place is. one flavour is better than nothing i suppose.

    lol@ being lactose intolernat but loving milk. the only thing worse would be loving chocolate and being allergic 😛

    i hold most of the blue chips across the sectors, missing one or two, but all my stuff has been doing well :D. best one by far tho is kproj 😛

    patience is not only a virtue,.. its fucking lucrative too 😛

  16. its in sharq called gelato, on ahmed al jaber street right next to dar al awadi (the new tower/mall).

    i cant really tell if its lactose intoleance or milk allergy cuz i have developed it lately!

    about the market.. dont buy this week. it will pick up next week 😉 and dont sell kproj anytime soon. i heard some good news! so be patient.

  17. cool i though ti remembered seeing something that sounded like ‘gelato’ somewhere 😛

    cheers for the advice, but as a contrarian and from your advice surely that means we should be buying now if its gonna pick up next week eh? 😛

    kproj is gonna be a mainstay of my portfolio, then again we’ll see what sentiment is like when it hits kd1 😛 and i do like the direction theyre going in what with their new focus on financial businesses and possibly tieing up with a foreign bank.

    in return for your advice, wait for a strike on iran and for people to panic,if it does happen or looks like it’ll happen… theres gonna be some good bargains out there as with any political uncertainty and emotional panic 😛

    this is such a people business isnt it 😛

  18. sheesh! i meant dont sell! well you obviously know what i meant 😛

    and yes it is such a people business (double :-P)

    I want frozen yogurt now! i may send the office boy to get me some. heehee

  19. hehe yeah i knew what you meant i was just busting your balls 😛

    lol @ sending the office boy!

    atleast give him enough to get one for himself too 😛

    then again, wouldnt it be pretty melted by the time he gets back?

  20. at least?!??! of course I would. I am not that mean 😛

    and no it wont melt…

    well anyway… i didnt get my frozen yogurt 😦 so that all wont matter now!

  21. Reuters is better than BB.
    Did someone say headless chicken?

  22. lol second recommendation fo reuters 😛

    headless chickens rock!

  23. Yes Reuters is better June 😛

  24. Thank you 🙂
    I’m an ex-reuters employee

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