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if it aint broke dont fix it.

especially if you think you know what youre doing.

cos then you’ll probably actually break it.

 and the plumber will laugh his ass off at you.



  1. I had to read your old posts on Universal Truth.. where is #3?

    LOL to #2.. and hmm as for #1 I am thinking maybe I should try it out myself 😛

    How about this for Universal Truth:

    Penguins will one day take over the world… just smile and wave, smile and wave!

  2. damnit i think i forgot to add the category to one of them.

    haha that’ll be truth number 5 😛

  3. good.. just read #3.

    im still bored.. saw LOST, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and still bored..

    i have been literally a couch potato today I swear 😦

    i dont like unproductive days… in Economics… Adding nothing to exchangeable value.

  4. hahaha, have you checked out heroes yet. i was just gonna check to see if theyve uploaded the new episode.

    if you go to my about page my emails on there. add me if you really are that bored. i cant promise i’ll be any less boring 😛

  5. I just saw heros season I… its awesome.. I like Hiro, the Japanese dude, I so want his power 😛

  6. ooh so do i.

    mainly for work tho >:D muahahaha!

  7. LOL ur crazy!

  8. oh come on, dont tell me youd use his powers for good!

    plus imagine all the good you could do with the money made 😛

  9. good point!
    I would use it for personal gain… Im honest, i wont lie 😛 but not just for work..

  10. altho,.. it would be nice to fly or use your mind to get a drink from the fridge without getting up 😛

  11. and fyi, episode 21 is on torrentspy already!

  12. wow your lazy! more than im today!

  13. haha yeah i am 😛

    one of the perks of what i do 😛

    get to bum around online most of the time 😛

  14. are you on msn now?

  15. yup but i’m getting a connection problem thingy for some reason.

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