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Kuwait, 8th may 2007:

two kuwaitis have been arrested by the hawally police for selling artificial sex organs.

the men were nabbed at an unidentified location in hawally.

a security source said that police acting on information sent a bogus customer to buy an artificial penis and caught the men in possession of 50 different sizes of the artificial organ.

(Arab Times report of an Al-Rai story)

how the hell do you smuggle 50 dildos past the xray dude at the airport? i worry about my bacon raising the xray dudes eyebrows,… but 50 dildos?!

and then theres the decision process of the two that were caught:Β 

– dude, we gotta make some money man.

– hey what about drugs, we can sell that shit and get high at the same time.

– nah man thats too risky to smuggle into the country.

– ooh i know, dildos!

– of course! i dont know how i didnt think of that man, youre a fuckin genius!

and then theres the informant who told the cops.

– holy crap they selling plastic peepee’s. and they got huuuge ones! you coppers better get over there before our women start thinking 12-inch-cokecan-thick weiners are the average size of mens dicks!

and the cops who actually went to the trouble of setting up a sting to sieze marital aids?

– instead of going after drug dealers to night like we planned to lets bust the dildo dudes. besides, theyre just as dangerous, threatening our family values with abnormally large plastic penis’s! and those footlongs can be used as concealed weapons since they wouldnt trigger the metal detectors, unless they were the vibe kind of course.

– but captain how could a rubber schlong be dangerous?

– ever get hit buy a footlong rubber cock?! i have and it hurts! havent you watched borat?!

– oh and dildo dudes are less likely to carry guns that might actually be fired at us. and we’ll save on the cost of prisoner-beating-rubberhoses cos these dildos would be much better.

you know how you hear stories of cops nickin stuff from the evidence locker for their own use, you know like drugs and cash and guns,…..

some officer’s wife/mistress must have had a pretty exciting night last night!



  1. looool they used to sell dildos in dubai in a mall and when the police found out they banned them…6ab3an thnx to me I told all my friends about the shop and you know how gossips spread around!

  2. hahaha so youre responsible for the dildo drought in dubai then!


    you’ll have to come to kuwait for sex toys soon πŸ˜›

  3. heeeeey i want one!!

  4. lol!

    hmm who else wants one?

    there maybe a pretty good business in this πŸ˜›

  5. I know this sounds funny, but why are they illegal? It’s not something I care about, but it seems fairly harmless . . . don’t the police have other things to worry about?

  6. Off topic, Skunk, are you going to be around for a while longer? Or is the move still a possibility?

  7. xpatr that is perhaps the funniest thing about it, i always knew they might not like ‘marital aids’ being sold in sultan centre but i too never knew it was outright illegal.

    but the laws here are intentionally vague, especially when it falls under categories or decency,tradition, family values etc,. not that theres anything wrong with all those things but the laws themselves are vague making it easy for anyone to report anything for violating something,…. its alot like a constant state of mcarthyism except there are no “damn commies”.

    well the move is still on. my folks have been out there for a month now. theyre heading back tomorrow. so i might be heading back out in a couple weeks. maybe for the summer :D. its different when you dont work for the govt or a big company, moving overseas becomes a project in itself. but its coming along, so i’ll most likely be bouncing back and forth for the rest of the year.

    not to worry tho, if ever i do go and never come back, distance wont stop me moaning about politics in this region πŸ˜› hehehe.

  8. A girl I knew was coming back from England and in her backpack was two dildos (she got them as gifts for her friends) – she was unaware of the fact they are “illegal”….

    At the X-ray machine thing, the dude confiscated them from her. She only had two, so they were obviously for personal use, but he still took them…

    If you see one of the security guys at the airport acting like he’s got something up his a**, you now know that he is enjoying a little vibration..

  9. lmfao!

    but then they should have a big grin on their face all the time πŸ˜›

    there is one other option:

    make your own here, they cant be that hard to make,..pun intended πŸ˜›

  10. LOL… yeah but he’s too worried about what people think of him and how he is “sinning” too really enjoyed it – but he can’t stop himself either… tut tut tut vicious cycle πŸ˜›

    and LMAOF!!

  11. hahaha point well made!

    go on! i dare someone to start a lil dildo factory and get the industrial bank to finance it! πŸ˜›

  12. or Bubyan Bank or one of those other Islamic banks… LOL then it will be halal…

    LOOOOOL imagine the ads on tv… with like a “beardie” and his wife LOL πŸ˜€

    OMG πŸ˜›

    their slogan: “Even a Beardie can do it” (like Geico’s even a caveman can do it) πŸ˜›

  13. OMG!

    LMFAO @ “Halal Dildo” !

    hahahaha,..ahhh i cant stop laughing! we could even put that halal sticker on it!

    then again they did manage to market viagra here quite nicely so πŸ˜›

  14. hehe! Good to see someone still reporting on the news that matters skunk!

  15. well someones gotta do it πŸ˜›

  16. jgxbfg good photo

  17. Yeah, but i think Dildos made of rubber (only) won’t be seen by the Xray thingy!

    If anyone of you have tried please let us know..

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