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i dont normally follow these lucky draw things, but i did notice a trend in NBK’s Yabeela thingy that i found amusing.

they seem to be trying to top themselves.

in case youre not familiar with it, its basically a lucky draw type deal. the idea is that you stick your money into an account and you could win a [thing].

they started with “yabeela lamborgini”.

which was cool, pretty flash, not bad.

then they went for “yabeela aston martin”.

umm yeah the phrase kinda lost something on that one. plus it is kind of a step down dont you think?

so they went well over board this time around and did “yabeela private jet”.

which i’m sure alot of people went “whoa WTF!”

but it did its job and got alot of people’s attention.

now that thats done.

whats next?

how do they top a private jet?

how about this?


[no real reason for picking chad, so all you chadanians can chill. it just sounded nice from a lyrically aesthetic point of view….. and i’m sure theres a better term than “lyrically aesthetic”]






  2. Hey! This NBK dude! Heehee
    The best Bank in the Middle East!

  3. and soon in chad too πŸ˜€

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