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Malaysia has the best Asian food.


and the best durians.


[as observed by bodicea]

i’ve travelled thru the good and the bad bits of asia, the posh and the pretty fucking rotten,… and i would have to agree with that.

being truely multicultural when it comes to food, ie lunch might consist of chicken curry, miso soup, greek salad and humous,…… every other country i’ve been has left me craving something from somewhere else.

not malaysia tho, cos whatever you want, its there, and its pretty fucking good, not just some bastardised version adapted for local tastes like for example curries and chinese food taste like shit in alot of western countries unless you find where the chinese and indian restaraunt owners eat, burgers and pasta salads suck in the philippines cos theres always too much sugar in the bun or the pasta, spaghetti in japan sucks cos well they just cant make a decent sauce, or a decent curry.

oh and you dont always have to pay thru the ass in malaysia like alot of other places for authentic food.

it could do with some more cheap arabic restaurants tho 😛

cheers bodicea 😀



  1. i dont mean to offend 😦

    but I don’t like Durian … it smells bad! I like the other fruit, the red one with the spiky stuff that you have to peel .. is it called rambutan? i fogot been a while seen i’ve been to malaysia…

    is it me or isnt malaysian food a little sweet? no like literally – I think I may be generalizing, but the dishes I had tasted more sweet than salty.

    I want arabic restaurants where I live!! (there are none :s) totally craving a mandi!!

  2. lol its cool CP, i know hardcore foodies who dont like durian 😛

    youre right, some of the local malay food is a little sweet, or sweeter than youd expect when you first see it.

    but you gotta got to the phillipines to understand what sugar overload really is. they dont understand that a burger is not meant to remind you of a mars bar 😛

    but the malay food is only one fraction of the spectrum, and with so many ethnicities there when bodicea said asian food she meant everything from the middle east to pakistan and india to korea china and japan.

    and the odd thing is that the “foreign food” isnt really treated like foreign food but rather just as another option. kinda hard to explain that 😛

  3. ooh if you decide to drop out, come to malaysia and open a shawarma shop 😀

    you’ll make cazillions!


    that sounds like a plan!! 😛

    You know where I’d love to open it? Up where the tea plantations are (damn I forgot the name of the place) but like a lot of Brits used to own land there and its like all tea plantations- I LOVED that place – I wouldn’t mind having a business there – I doubt I ‘d get homesick – it’s just sooooo pretty!! and so is that place with the hotel on top of the mountain and the entertainment city – – I think I’m a mountain girl. Anywhere where there’s a mountain and open expanse of water then that’s home! My lebanese genes are stronger than my desert genes 😛

  5. ooh now thats an idea!

    the casino place is called genting and i think thats the closest to KL.

    then theres bukit tinggi i think, and cameron highlands. the last one might be the tea thingy, not sure tho cos i havent been to those two yet. then theres that imitation dutch village, which i think is just bizarre, orientals dont go with clogs.

    but yeah i cant believe the temp difference!

    ya know, malaysia’s the only place i’d say this about, but even tho you might not get much business during the week up in the mountains, if you did have the best shawarma in malaysia, they’ll fucking drive there on the weekend just for the shawarma.

    its amazing the lengths they’ll go to 😛

    malaysia and singapore are the only two places where i had to go thru immigration when local friends took me to dinner!

  6. LOL @ going through immigration for dinner!! 😛

    wait… seriously?

    Genting!! and Cameron Highlands!! That’s what there called!! merci :*

  7. lol yup went from singapore to malaysia for dinner once and once the other way around.

    they take their food a lil too seriously 😛

  8. lol!!

    you and you’re friends are crazy 😀

  9. lol its actually not that odd 😛

    back in the day, before the invasion i remember people used to go up to basra and the border town, safwan i think, for iraqi food 😛

    probably mostly for beer. but iraqi food too.

  10. wanasa if they actually calm down iraq and people can start going up there again for beer!!

    oh wanasa meaning “how fun” 😛

    it would kill the stupid now. I can’t belieeeeeve to get a johnny walker it’ll cost 50 kd – either that or my contacts suck lol 😛

  11. business going on now*

  12. thats about the going rate apparently, last i heard anyway which was a while ago.

    its alot cheaper to get high for christs sake!

    and they wonder why htere are so many junkie kids.

  13. true true… 😦

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