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create your own visited country map

i thought i did.

but damn that maps kinda sucky aint it?

i’ve been to 24 countries, which makes it about 10% of the world.


and some of them i cant even say i’ve seen 10% of the whole country!

my one comfort tho, is that i have some odd destinations on there 😛

i’m glad i got a new passport, no more questions about why i was in country x at immigration in paranoid countries anymore.

i’ll bet xpatr’s maps gonna be all red.

except maybe for greenland.



  1. When you said 24 countries I though I did travel to more countries… apparently I didnt LOL.. now I want to travel more..
    I counted them out, they’re 22 only! I want to travel NOW :-S

  2. shocking isnt it?

    i was well bummed. and they rub it in by telling you the percentage!

  3. can you give me the website? I want to see my percentage LOL

  4. Hey I got 11%!! I didnt count Monaco, Vatican, Gibraltar…etc LOL

  5. argghh! damn you!

    heres the thing for mine, i think i got ripped off in a way. cos i’ve also been to hong kong and macau, but that was when they were two seperate countries.

    >:| now theyre just part of china. but then again i’ve only been to the southern part of china so i guess that even out.

  6. HA HA! I win

  7. China!!

    I wanna go there!

    even though you may not think so, but that’s an impressive map 😉

  8. lol cheers cp.

    its alriiiight,… i just thought more of it would be red.

    maybe its cos i went to alot of little countries.

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    What do you think?

  10. FUCK!

    i typed out a whole reply to your question 1001 but i think wordpress is being supergay and lost it. i’m gonna wait a lil bit to see if it comes up somewhere. if not i’ll try type it again.

    you can always email me any questions i’ll be happy to help 😀 —->about page

  11. oy wordpress is being a bitch!

  12. in case you miss it 1001 i turned your questio into a post:

  13. 46 countries, and feeling depressed because I haven’t visited a single country east of Russia – and nothing in South America and nothing in the South Pacific – 20% and I feel like such a failure. And worse – there are about half those countries I don’t care about visiting!

    Most of Africa is red, though. I can’t make the map stick in my blog, but sometimes WordPress goes a little . . . wonky. he he he.

  14. lol it is depressing isnt it?

    but damn 46, thats double mine!

    yeah i got one in africa but even that is egypt which is kinda iffy.

    and lol with 46 countries under your belt i wouldnt balme you for not wanting to go anywhere else anymore 😛

    i’m getting to the point where i just wanna stay in one place i like and actually take proper vacations and buy silly plastic souvenirs 😛

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