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17 years old…….

and no one helped her.

iraqi guards stood by.

and everyone else was busy with their fucking mobile phones trying to work the camera.

the full story is here

the video is on the net somewhere, but i watched it on cnn.

i dont want to cheapen her death, but i know that after the inital shock and horror has worn off, you’ll want to find ways to distance yourself from her attackers.

“oh theyre yazidis”

“oh theyre kurds”

and while that may be the case, to me it sounds alot like:

“oh theyre not real muslims”

 with shit like this going on in the middle east, can you blame outsiders for thinking youre all a bunch of nutjob terrorists?

with terrorists killing people in the name of your religion can you blame the world if they dont see you disagreeing quietly in your little corner?

its just not enough to try and distance yourself anymore.

you cant just say well theyre crazy yazidi kurds, not arabs.


cos it doesnt fucking matter.

what matters is they look like you and theyre from your part of the world.

and you cant tell me that your own people dont carry out honour killings.

the same thing would have happened if she was a sunni girl with a yazidi, or a shiite girl with a sunni, etc, etc, ad nauseum cos is about the mentality not the religion or sect.

“but, they arent real muslims” you say.

i know that.

but that excuse simply doesnt cut it anymore.


cos thats the same as the us military saying their abu ghraib soldiers were just a lil stressed and blowing off steam, or israelis saying they bombed that lebanese family to safe guard their motzaballs.

” theyre not real muslims” cheapens the death, just as the examples i gave above cheaps those situations.

the moderate majority has been quiet for 6 years now.

and look at what your quiet disagreement has brought,…..

absofuckinglutely nothing.

so maybe instead of moaning about how youre alllllll misunderstood and stereotyped and typecast, maybe its time to do something about it.

after all its your own people that perverted your image and your beliefs.

but you know what, its not my religion thats been hijacked by crazy beardies bent on world domination dr evil style,…. so why the fuck should i care?

if you cant be bothered to stand up and give those beardies a taste of their own medicine then its your problem not mine.

alot of young people who missed the activism of the 60’s dream of a revival, of a reason to fight. the world in the 1950’s in the west was alot like the middle east now. if the 60’s hadnt have happened god knows what kind of neocons would be in the white house now. ones certainly alot scarier than the neocons there now.


if the liberal amongst you dont do something you’ll be the reason you get ultracocaine-beardies telling you how they think god said you should take a dump.

one grunt is ok when you need to push.

two is fine but keep the volume down.

THREE?!?!?! Nooooooo that makes you sound like youre having sex you fucking pervert!

so when is your summer of 69 going to be?

this summer?


when are you going to stick it to the beardieman?


or are you just gonna forget about doa’s brutal death?

like you forgot about everyone else that was killed in the name of YOUR religion?

[political waltzing, two-stepping and justifications for bullshit actions will not be tolerated cos that doesnt do anything to fix the problem. anyone that says well fix this first before we fix that wawawawawawawawaaaa should go back to kindergarten, or join the PLO since theyre pro’s at it] 



  1. if i see this story one more time im going to be sick


    Come back when you’re calmer skunk, ok?


    err.. I just finished typing my paper I’m practically cross-eyed… ok here goes.

    I totally agree with the fact that the frickin’ beardies are accumulating TOO much power and that they need to be stopped!

    I wish I could stop them. But I can’t and other people won’t either, especially in Kuwait – people are waaaay to comfortable to bother with politics and too chicken-shit and/or brainwashed to attempt to stand in the face of the religious fanatics. You know why? Because even they don’t know much about religion. They memorize what they’ve been taught – they’re taught not to question it, and if they do then that means that they are not good Muslims, which obviously should not be the case at all. I can’t argue with people about religion, because they are right and everyone else is wrong, so to each their own – whatever religion is a personal thing anyway..

    Plus, the history they teach them about Arabic culture starts with the advent of Islam. It’s like Arab’s did not exist before then. Everything before Islam is considered evil and portrayed that way. It PISSES me off that I don’t know jack-shit about my people before then. And history is taken from religion btw, so all the stories that are told of the area before Islam are religious stories. You have the occasional Antar and Abla romantic poems, but other than really, not much is known. It’s known in history books! But who reads in Kuwait anyway?

    So the history that they are taught is that of the rise of the religion. It’s engraved as identity!

    (Ok just if you’re wondering .. I’m Muslim myself – but that doesn’t mean I don’t question and ask..)

    Anyway back to the post, so it’s very difficult for anyone to fight the beardies because they are part of the identity that people grow up with (does that, in any form or fashion, make sense?)

    The history that they are taught (as I mentioned earlier of the advent and rise of Islam) is sugar-coated and made to look like an utopia. Of course, yes there were excellent periods where science flourished and literature boomed and the arts exploded and there arose a beautiful civilization (hence there’s no denying the affects of the Islamic civilization) – but there were also darker times. The Turkish rule followed Islamic laws – but they oppressed the Arabs (Syrians had to revolt, Saudi Arabia teamed up with the Brits to fight them). They fail to mention that period of ruling as also being ‘Islamic.’

    What I’m trying to say is that people are fed BS about Islamic rule being a utopia, and they purposefully don’t feed them the FACT that religion and politics DON’T GO together.

    And honestly speaking, with the States in Iraq and the current situation in Iraq, and Bush going off labeling Arabs and Muslims as part of “THE AXIS OF EVIL” and hearing all those horror stories about racism- and for some experiencing racism because they are Arab, “Identity” becomes a crucial factor!

    The only identity they know and can revert to is the identity they’ve been taught!

    Am I making sense, in my head it is I don’t know what it looks like on paper – er… blog.

    Kuwait is not the place where a revolution like the 60’s is gonna happen. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of open-minded and educated people. There are- and many of them. But, revolutions don’t happen where people are happy, or semi-happy (I personally have never heard of the Swiss revolting).

    The problem in the Arab world does not mirror the States in the 60’s simply because there are HUUGE and major differences. Even between the Arab countries themselves. In general, the Arab population is d-i-s-e-n-c-h-a-n-t-e-d. With their leaders, with themselves. Financially, politically, everything negative that you can add an -ly to.

    The HUUGE differences between Arabs is when you say Arab you automatically assume Muslim. No. There are all sorts of religions with Arab followers. Yazidism (I think) is one of them. The Yazidis follow an ancient religion. And where as Arabs are Semites, Kurds are Indo-European…

    BUT, you’re right! Arabs do have honour killings. Lebanon and Jordan have reported waaaayyy to many cases. In Jordan a man accused of “honor killing” gets only 6 months in jail. (But that’s not religion it’s tradition that we’re talking about here). SO of course it has to change! Religion requires a gizillion and one proofs before the sentence is carried out and there has to be a confession AND it’s only adulterers (people who are married). People who are not married are not killed.

    this shit happens also in Somalia or Sudan, can’t remember which one exactly where a non-married girl was accused of ‘adultery’ (how if she’s not married!) and stoned. It’s another manifestation of misogyny.

    So where as I agree with you on so many points I really beg to differ on lumping people who live in this region as all being Arabs, or all being defined under one category and one religion.

    Sweety, I understand your anger. I sobbed like a baby when I heard the story. And I feel sick to the stomach every single time I hear it. And I refuse to watch the video. It’s is fucking inhumane, and barbaric.

    And yes people in this region NEEEEED to wake up. But we need education first. The thing is the beardies aren’t just powerful in Kuwait they’re powerful all over the Arab world becuase they have MADE themselves part of the identity.

    What you need is education to fight them off, and meanwhile stronger political reigns to fend them off and provide the people with what they need rather than alienate themselves from them. The US MUST do something about Iraq. Prolonging it’s stay there will have tantamount effects.

    But yeah you need strong governments and lotsa education.

    oh vie my head hurts 😦

  3. last para: “rather than alienate themselves from them” in reference to the governments – they need to provide the people with what they need so the people can identify with their governments rather than turn to the stinkin beardies.

  4. damn cp, you type well for a partially crosseyed chick 😛

    i’ve kinda figured that over the years as i’ve asked my arab and muslim friends about their history. and like you said it all kinda stops, or starts actually with mohammed.

    so teh conclusion i’ve come to is that so much of what is seen on the surface to be “islamic” is actually more tradition than religion. and i think alot of people find it hard to make that distinction.

    when iwas talking about the 50’s i meant in the sense that there was a huge puritan streak running thru the states something thats made a resurrgence, hence mr bush’s second term. replace communism with the evil ism of the west and you essentially have the same thing. as you said people deviate from their governments cos hey dont trust them and see them as being just puppets, resulting in them clinging to their relgious identity which is a natural course of action.

    the disillusionment was there inthe 50’s too, but more with the younger generations, which i know is happening here.

    actually i think the mid east is kind of at a tipping point…. the disillusioned have two ways to go, but as you said with islam being such a part of their identity its only too easy for beardies to take advantage of these kids.

    but yeah the sad thing is that youre right, nothing might come out of here cos they are too comfortable. the ruling family sees to that for their own reasons.

    and yeah i dont normally lump everyone together, i’ve been in this region too long to know that even expat arabs in other countries are different from their own people even if theyre in another arab country.

    i did the lumping together to make the point that, this is a collective problem which requires a collective solution….. and as i said its not a relgious thing, its a mentality thing. which i suppose has alot to do witht he whole religious identity thing. lol going in circles…..

    but anyway the point was that everyone is being affected by the silence of the liberal but mute majority for the reasons you mentioned. arab muslims, arab non muslims, non arab muslims, etc,….

    teh christians and the other sects cant just cry out discrimination! and we’re not one of them! cos its everyones problem.

    but, if the muslims arent being seen to do something about it, then youre bound to get someone like bush crusading in. you cant just expect them to say ok you have 50 years to nip this radical thing in the butt or we’ll come in, especially not when theyre paranoid about protecting their way of life, yadayadayada….

    regardless of whether bush lied or not, you simply cant afford to give someone that amount of leverage….cos you do have to remeber, even tho alot of people marched against it, a greater number voted him back in.

    as ironic as it may sound, i think i’m advocating for the liberal to get militant if theyre gonna take back what is rightfully theirs.

    arm the damn hippies i say!


  5. You know I keep hearing that stuff about the “silent Mulsim majority”. WHAT silent majority? The majority ain’t silent! People complain about un-Islamic behavior conducted in the name of Islam all the time. They set up organizations and teams and countries arrest people and use intelligence to stop terrorism and improve the image of Islam worldwide. But no one wants to listen to the MUSLIM voice of reason and you know why? It don’t sell! Beheadings are so much juicier than a Muslim man shouting peace and love for everyone!! Oftentimes it seems that media outlets prefer to give people what they expect: Muslims are inherently violent, Muslims behead innocent reporters, Muslim mistreat women…etc. Bottom line: people like to see things in their lives that reassert their initial convictions. That’s how I see it. You know if someone put me on CNN my very being and what I do for a living and how I was raised and treated would shoot down all those crap stereotypes… but it seems the only way I’d get attention is by strapping on a bomb!

    Oh and the honors killings thing. I don’t know anyone who does that. Never did. Ever. It’s a small country, never heard of a girl here killed for the sake of honor in my life. And when some people talk about it they make it sound like ooo la laa it’s a huge secret there are honor killings going on everywhere. That’s just bull. Whatever.

    And by the way, “give the beardies a taste of their own medicine”, the only bearded men we should attempt to reform or attack are those who are ruining the name of the religion by conducting terrorist activities. Terrorist activities ARE NOT the same thing as people who have a different idea of what personal freedoms mean. Having differing values and making an effort to get others to conform to your values is totally permissible. You see that kind of thing all the time in the US with the abortion issue and the gay marriage issue and the school prayer issue and stem cell research etc..

    And does anyone genuinely believe that the pricks who kill random innocent people associate with those one would refer to as “the silent majority”?

  6. arm the hippies LOOOOOOOOOL!!!

    viva la revolution!


  7. agreed, the muslim voice of reason doesnt sell any papers, not even in the muslim world, which is symptomatic of the whole problem. but have someone do the opposite an condemn someone else, that gets press. its fucked up.

    but there is the age old adage of people read the news that they want to hear, like they get the governments that they deserve.

    i’m pretty sure there has been one here. cant recall off the top of my head, but there was something reported a few years ago. thing is, even here that news isnt really news if its not someone prominent. i think it was a dispute between two bedouin families. but i dont recall it being a lynch mob type thing….. more like a brother in law murder thing. which is actually pretty decent in that its not labeled as “honour killing” here, but just plain murder which it is.

    and agreed on the beardies too. those specific lil fuckers need to be weeded out, but the ones who have to do the weeding are your own guys. i know that for every whackjob beardie you have a dozen decent legit ones. and its not like theyre preaching in secret now are they?

    i’ve got no problem with conversion work or evangelical work, or helping people to see the light as you see it, be it religion or who you want to stick what where… that would be hypocritcal of me having a largely ranting and moaning about shit blog.

    but there is a fine line between spreading the truth and a latter day spanish inquisition.

    you see, you and cp dont fear speaking out and calling someone on bullshit. but so many more do. and while they will say one thing to me as many have done, basically reflecting both yours and cp’s comments, it completely different when theyre surrounded by their own peers. and the explanation for their flip flop is always the same, “its different for us, you dont understand”.

    bt i dont know if thats just a male thing, cos i seem to see that in more males than anything.

    but that is who i refer to as the silent ones.

  8. lol cp

    viva la revolution!

    but send the cute hippies to me first 😀

  9. This is sick :S

  10. where is their heart.There is no Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim in those who threw those stones.Astaghfirullah..

  11. true.

    what does ar rahman and ar rahim mean?

  12. that was just SCARY, if i read the story of whateves, i would no what happened but i didnt, so then it look really like scary, and i would hat eto be her.

  13. The stoning to death of women to regain ones ‘honour’ is a cultural thing, not a muslim thing.

    It isn’t in the Quraan and it isn’t part of the muslim religion.

    It’s the culture that needs changing in parts, not the religion. It is disgusting that people would do this, but in all honestly i think we will never change fringe culture, EVER.

  14. do you know what is the wrong she has did..?
    she has married a muslim but the good news, muslim revenge for her by killing all his family and village.
    (forgive me for my english)

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