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its always the quiet ones isn’t it?

addendum 1:

– he who smelt it, dealt it.

addendum 2:

– there is no more lethal a combination than fuul and eggs.

addendum 3:

– fuul and eggs would however make the most potent mixture of gas for conversion into energy, as per the energy post previously, umm, posted.

what kind of gas do eggs give off when they go bad, its something combustable isnt it?

i sucked at chemistry.

[EDIT I] :

pinkjawbreaker and june’s comments have resulted in this edit.

where as farts are mostly methane.

and fuul being the driving force of abnormally high levels of human farting, ie methane production…

and where as the eggy farts are largely hydrogen sulphide as per june’s comment,…

where hydrogen sulphide is :

“….not merely a smelly nuisance from stink bombs or rotten eggs. It is a highly toxic gas which interferes with cellular respiration just like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. It is not simply a byproduct of some chemical processes but it can arise from some other sources eg decomposition of organic matter such as sewage which in some instances has generated highly toxic, even fatal concentrations.”

and where hydrogen sulphide’s health effects are:

“…Hydrogen Sulphide is a potent chemical asphyxiant, combining with haemoglobin and with cytochromes and thus rapidly stopping oxygen from access to cellular metabolism (just like gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide). Indeed H2S is arguably as toxic as Hydrogen Cyanide HCN. 

Hydrogen Sulphide is very foul smelling but very quickly paralyses the sense of smell, and can go on to overcome the victim and eventually cause death. Therefore smell cannot be relied upon to provide warnings of this treacherous gas. 

Hydrogen Sulphide is also an irritant of mucous membranes including the eyes and respiratory tract.  ”

using it as an energy source would be inefficient, so……..

i’m gonna start a chemical weapons factory !!!



on a dusty road, early 2004, Iraq:

” major, its just a truck full of scared looking factory workers.”

” ok sargeant, and what about the convoy of trucks behind them?”

” just a bunch of beans in UN and WFP sacks, looks like the poor things dont have anything else to eat.”

” very well then, let them thru and secure the area before our weapons experts come to sweep the area for chemical weapons facilities.”

and everyone asks why no chemical weapons have been found in iraq.



  1. you’re gross!!


    totally gross!! :”D

    its a good thing you sucked at chemistry- or we’d all be living off fuul as an energy source!!

  2. hahaha 😛

    but you know i’m right about the fuul and saving the world.

    eat the fuul, save the world!

    oh i forgot youre not into heroes yet 😛

  3. LOL heehee I dont want to sound nerd-ish or anything… but the bad smell is basically a reaction between the the egg yolk (iron) and the egg white (sulfur)… That is everyday’s answer..

    When talking easter time, its just Bunnies and duckies farts 😛

  4. so what do iron and sulphur combine to produce? or maybe thats the wrong question, cos i wanna know if the eggy farts burn stronger than regular farts.

    since when are ducks involved in easter?

  5. The bunnies asked me to add them.. so they won’t be the only ones to blame 😛

  6. lol those damned blame shifting bunnies!

  7. To be honest.. I meant chicks! Dont know why I said duckies LOL

  8. ahhhhhhh……

    (i still think shes smoking something at work)


  9. the results of fuul and eggs gas dishcarge is methane and its flammable 😐

  10. H2S I think
    hydrogen sulfide

  11. hmmmm,….

    youre right pinkjawbreaker, large amounts of methane would come from fuul, which is flammable…..

    and as june says, eggs would turn into hydrogen sulfide,…..

    i shall have to edit this post, for i have devised a plan soooo cunning it would make a fox go “now thats cunning old boy!”.

  12. Brilliant, brilliant, briliant update.

    What an honour to be mentioned in your blog.

  13. Don’t know about the gases in rotten eggs, but I boiled one once (didn’t know it was rotten) and it exploded. Ungodly stench.

  14. lol sounds like it would have made smelly napalm.

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